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  1. Greetings i could not find the proper form so excuse me. may i plz get the money and stuff for the sponsor rank
  2. Account Name: Vakor (knowen to many as Spoopy)Rank: SponsorRequested Commands^: //Wand (world edit) (building perms)Reason for Request*: Im a long time sponsor on the server (premium + since jully 23rd 2017) my reason for the request is that i do alot of building and it would be a lot easier and less time consuming to build/change/remove blocks (i used to use world edit as a different servers Server manger, im aware that it can cause lag but i know how to do it in small amounts so it wont.) (i also heard it was possible to get this since another sponsor has done it)
  3. Your Name: Vakor (or "Spoopy" to some)Item Name + ID + Ammount: Coordinates: N/ADescription of Issue: Server reset, need money and keys back plzScreenshots (Optional):
  4. Account Name(you): Vakor Server: dw 1.7 Town name in question(case sensitive): Vakoria (capital V) Coordinates: X:308 y:65 z:-1457 Town members: Uknown Reason for request: Town was made months ago, no longer active and has creative items and materials (waiting on transfer rank from inf) Screenshot of town members activity (optional, but recommended): N/A
  5. i got no money to calim a base and im told i cant sell any more
  6. In game name: Vakor Proof of Purchase: I Currently hold the rank Description of Issue: Reset Took The 30k and Legend Keys Date/Time of Purchase: Honselty Can Not Rember Items/Rank Bought: Sponsor Screenshots (Optional): This Is Proof Of My Rank
  7. i have lost everything meaning i cant do anything on the server till its complete My base was also the only 1 rolled back on the server (apparently) meaning a staff member targets it
  8. Account Name: Vakor Town name: / Character name : Vakoria Coordinates: -1978, -1783 Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: yesterday before 10:00 pm gmt Description of Issue: My base seems to have rolledback by about 3 or 4 days (unkonw) to the point where i just started so i need it back Screenshots:
  9. Vakor

    Vakor NEI

    i have just been on the server and im affraid my nei has not updated yet
  10. Vakor

    Vakor NEI

    im only saying this post because my transfer was on monday and the nei usally takes a day to update
  11. When i transfered my nei access failed to transfer with it, may i plz have sponsor level nei access again plz
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