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  1. Unban Drexon

    [1] In-Game Username: Drexon [2] Details of Situation: Banned from bypassing mute. Private messaging someone. I didn't even know you could private message someone when your muted. I was testing it. [3] Ban Category: ?? [4] Ban Duration: 7 days [5] Staff Member: Quagma [6] ScreenShots: N/A [7] Your Reason: I should of gotten a warning or something because that was my first time I did that and it was a test to see if you could do it. Like this
  2. Quagma is a bitch

    Quagma is banning and muting people without proof. I got banned for 7 days because of mute bypass when I didn't even know you could do it. I was just testing it and he banned me. Hes been a total bitch. Everyone hates him. Please do something!
  3. Banned

    I got banned from Quagma for bypassing mute. I didn't even know I could bypass mute until I messaged someone. I got banned for 7 days. I want to get unbanned because this is bull shit. It should give me a warning first.

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