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  1. Refund request

    Username: Techno1001101 Item: thaumium bossed silverwood wand with 95ish vis in each aspect Item dissapeared from arcane crafting terminal while i was connecting vis relays to it
  2. [Bugged player data ?] Techno1001101

    All fine now thanks
  3. Username : Techno1001101 Issue: I teleported into bugged out server location. I am now crashing on every attempt to log back in If possible could I be teleported to spawn or a not bugged out location
  4. Timed out

    Im also always timing out
  5. Account Name: Techno1001101Island Rollback or Inventory Rollback: InventoryIsland owner name: Techno1001101Coordinates: approx 802 152 1202Time/date[Time/Date you want it rolled back to]: 0:01 12/08/17Description of Issue: No grave spawned because i was using the sync mod*Screenshots: none available sorry
  6. I had set up multiple sync shells in my base i died due to enderpearling and when i died my items didnt drop and no grave spawned i had draconic gear and a custom awakened shuriken with a lot of random items can anybody help me

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