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  1. Techno1001101

    [Sf2.5] New Shop Item

    99$ per ingot 11$ per nugget ingots cannot be decrafted
  2. Techno1001101

    Shop Item Request

    50$ per item lots are needed to construct multiblock
  3. Techno1001101

    Shop Item Request

  4. Techno1001101

    [Sf2.5] New Shop Item

    And koboldite ingots because goblins are required to make those from nuggets
  5. Techno1001101

    Shop Item Request

    Also from thaumcraft the obsidian totem is unobtainable this is required for automagy item ids are 449 and 6063:112
  6. Techno1001101

    Shop Item Request

    Username:Techno1001101 Currently unable to obtain subdued spirit from witchery. Please could it be added to spawn shop I think 5 subdued spirit should cost 100$
  7. Techno1001101

    Refund request

    Username: Techno1001101 Item: thaumium bossed silverwood wand with 95ish vis in each aspect Item dissapeared from arcane crafting terminal while i was connecting vis relays to it
  8. Techno1001101

    [Bugged player data ?] Techno1001101

    All fine now thanks
  9. Username : Techno1001101 Issue: I teleported into bugged out server location. I am now crashing on every attempt to log back in If possible could I be teleported to spawn or a not bugged out location
  10. Techno1001101

    Timed out

    Im also always timing out
  11. Account Name: Techno1001101Island Rollback or Inventory Rollback: InventoryIsland owner name: Techno1001101Coordinates: approx 802 152 1202Time/date[Time/Date you want it rolled back to]: 0:01 12/08/17Description of Issue: No grave spawned because i was using the sync mod*Screenshots: none available sorry
  12. I had set up multiple sync shells in my base i died due to enderpearling and when i died my items didnt drop and no grave spawned i had draconic gear and a custom awakened shuriken with a lot of random items can anybody help me

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