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  1. In-Game Nickname: Dumblore Time and date: 28th August GMT Description of what happened: Throughout the morning, I was hearing reports that a player by the name of 'Dumblore' - previously unknown to me - was marauding around the world, and killing people then taking their items - with some griefing throw in for variety. I also, soon fell prey to this viking. I was outside my base, working on my yacht when I suddenly started taking damage; confused, I looked around and made an attempt to locate what was inflicting this damage upon me. After a couple of hits, I was killed. I looked to the chat to see what had caused my demise and found that Dumblore had chosen my to be his latest victim. Still confused as to why he had chosen to attack me, I sent him a private message asking why he did so. He said he found it an offense that my clan name resembled his (ICorp and GCorp respectively) - I was quite surprised that a similarity of names led to someone preying on a relatively new player to the server and taking their power armour and resources. He said he would continue to kill me until I changed my clan name. I then retreated to spawn and waited for him to leave. However, when he did leave, he did so only to move onto another target. He then targeted and killed a fellow ICorp member - WeBeam - and repeated the same ultimatum. WeBeam is another new player and was in his first few days of setting up a base, yet that did not stop Dumblore from taking his items. I was very shocked to see that this was the latest attack that followed the marauder's pattern. With further research, two other players - amongst many more - admitted to me that Dumblore had attacked them, and threaten their clan - this proves that it is not only ICorp that is being ruthlessly targeted. While I cannot describe their individual cases, I wish to represent their case in this post. I therefore press the charges of not only killing and harassment against Dumblore, but I wish to bring this case upon the wider GCorp group. Screenshots or Proof: Unfortunately, I was unable to screenshot the events, however, the chat logs will show the events as they unfurled. List of eyewitnesses: WeBeam, sppw, BurntCrab, Ohanno_WhiteWolf Thank you, trick
  2. So far, I have only received the money for 2 of the sites.
  3. I have written 3 positive reviews for this server on the sites provided by /ifo review; however, I have not received the reward money. I contacted a member of staff via /ds create and they told me to post here. Can I please have the reward money?
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