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  1. deathbygerbils

    Complaint craftyguy23, Manyouforgot, Imperatus

    BTW why would I grind ores if I have dimension builder? why you think other players can't help us? why we can't take loot when we kill some1? why? why we should dupe something? why?
  2. In-Game Nickname: as was mentioned in topic want to complaint on three incompetent admins(moders etc.) craftyguy23, Manyouforgot, Imperatus Time and date: today few mins ago Description of what happened: My previous complaint on craftyguy23 was closed by Imperatus, why? I do not see any punishment in order to craftyguy23. In previous topic you can read it above, we got ban and rollback towns without any proofs, and other admins just protect him. craftyguy23 is this so hard to admit your mistake, and say sorry? Can adequate admin handle this topic? Not you craftyguy23 and your friends?
  3. deathbygerbils

    Complaint craftyguy23

    I didn't saw any proofs that I dupe items =/
  4. deathbygerbils

    Complaint craftyguy23

    RLY? we got banned for nothing, and you rollback our towns, are you serious?
  5. deathbygerbils

    Bees cycles

  6. deathbygerbils

    Complaint craftyguy23

    no, no it's right place, I complaining about your unfair actions...
  7. deathbygerbils

    Complaint craftyguy23

    You just asked me where did I get those bags, I said idk, probably from killing other players, or server bug....
  8. deathbygerbils

    Complaint craftyguy23

    no no you didn't said, give me log where you say that you ban us for duping, and pls give me screenshot with that bags, and those resources that were there, there was something like few gears ....
  9. deathbygerbils

    Complaint craftyguy23

    yea I did complaint about you, you banned us for nothing =/
  10. deathbygerbils

    Complaint craftyguy23

    In-Game Nickname: craftyguy23 (I'm complaining about him) Time and date: today few mins ago Description of what happened: Okay, first he tp me on my base and said I got 2 identical golden bugs, idk maybe server lag and it's dupe or i got them from other players when I kill them. check it, not my fault. It was false accusations to my person. Then after we resolved conflict, we were playing with my friend JleoH_IIpo and after 2 hours of fantastic game play we got ban... [2] abusing bugs first offence I don't what even for what, he could tell me in game, he was online.. Screenshots or Proof: none List of eyewitnesses: JleoH_IIpo and few players was online
  11. deathbygerbils

    Bees cycles

    Can you fix bees cycles, when you put bee in Apiary they have cycles to produce drones etc. normal cycle should be for about 30 sec, but on server it's 5 or more mins =(
  12. deathbygerbils

    [Rollback Request] inventory

    Account Name: deathbygerbils Town name: / Character name : deathbygerbils Coordinates: - Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: 3/29/2018 6:00 AM Description of Issue: My inventory was stolen by player Paulzombie, he asked me to help him, he tp me on pressure plate, and all my inventory disappeared. Need rollback my inventory.
  13. deathbygerbils


    (PvP is enabled! , not half enabled!) People can kill you and take your stuff =) next time use soulbound enchantment
  14. deathbygerbils

    [Complaint] deathbygerbils

    ahah. Just read the translation, why you don't translate your "impolite" sentences in correct form?
  15. deathbygerbils

    [Complaint] deathbygerbils

    On your screens you ask me if I make builder => i said no. Cool proof

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