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  1. vote

  2. vote

    im premium
  3. vote

    I do not count the money from the voting boxes ;-;
  4. vote

    Hi, I have a problem with voting I have not been allowed to convert my money into iron I do not think it's fair that he did not give me the vote money thanks
  5. hello staff we need a change to make it illegal to ask for gold thanks for colaboration is very annoying seriously also could not ask to team all the time for the second time is very annoying I have very bad english xD greetings from Spain signed okiso
  6. quiero conocer ala comunidad :3

    thanks i use ip premium
  7. quiero conocer ala comunidad :3

    I have a doubt because almost no skin looks and appears like Alex and Steve?
  8. quiero conocer ala comunidad :3

    ok sorry im new :3
  9. hola soy okiso_893 algunos probablemente me conozcais pero quiero conocer a la comunidad y hacer amigos aqui. juego asassin y creativo a veces a algunos os da igual pero quiero conocer para jugar y divertirme X2

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