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  1. Maik365

    Copied application, changed to denied.

    that was before WIPE in november... but thank you
  2. Maik365

    Copied application, changed to denied.

    hello??? whats with my premium account, when u gonna delete it? im waiting
  3. Maik365

    Copied application, changed to denied.

    its ok, but thats no reason to make a premium account for me..... please delete that. yeeah it was a little bit copie in here, but i changed some things.... whate else, all helpers here have the same job to make, and i would make same like other helpers.... up to you, i´m sure already have 1000 game hours on that server, i think it doesnt matter if i make a little bit copie of that or not. my english is not 100% thats the reason why i make copie of that, but the answers are this what i would make. Best reguards
  4. Maik365

    Copied application, changed to denied.

    i just wonder why it have been changed back again.... first accepted than changed to denied
  5. Maik365

    Copied application, changed to denied.

    so, i dont wanna have premium and/or pefix xD
  6. Maik365

    Copied application, changed to denied.

    i was only intrested to be helper, yesturday i was helper and today when i come online, i was premium and not helper anymore....
  7. hello, i was helper for one day and no it changed to denied.... why? and now i am premium user? i dont wanna be premium user. can u please remove the premium thing? i dont like to be a premium user. thank you
  8. Maik365

    my hole inventory stolen

    thank u its good now
  9. Maik365

    [Rollback Request] inventory

    paulzombie should be banned, player like him does nobody need, he just prank other players
  10. Maik365

    my hole inventory stolen

    inventory rollback to 4.4.2018 22:00 (gmt +01) thank you bruny
  11. Maik365

    my hole inventory stolen

    i had a bag with all my stuff, quarrys, tesseracts, my armor and everything, now he have fun with my stuff, im realy angry about him now He denies everything becouse he does not have my inventory.... Player like him should be banned forever, and maybe he have a second account wich he can use my stuff.... he killed me at x: -4873 z:-3949 y:66
  12. Maik365

    my hole inventory stolen

    hello the player paulzombie offered to help me and then i fell into a trap and my entire inventory was stolen.... and than he killed me, i make screenshot there when he killed me but i cant send it here, the file is to big how is this possible? i think it was a computer stuff he make, elevator system is there a way to make a player rollback?
  13. Maik365

    mytown build issue

    its done... taltals friend invited me there. now it works thanks
  14. Maik365

    mytown build issue

    Taltal´s comment on wipe topic was that he wait for the wipe before he plays again.

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