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  1. my hole inventory stolen

    thank u its good now
  2. [Rollback Request] inventory

    paulzombie should be banned, player like him does nobody need, he just prank other players
  3. my hole inventory stolen

    inventory rollback to 4.4.2018 22:00 (gmt +01) thank you bruny
  4. my hole inventory stolen

    i had a bag with all my stuff, quarrys, tesseracts, my armor and everything, now he have fun with my stuff, im realy angry about him now He denies everything becouse he does not have my inventory.... Player like him should be banned forever, and maybe he have a second account wich he can use my stuff.... he killed me at x: -4873 z:-3949 y:66
  5. my hole inventory stolen

    hello the player paulzombie offered to help me and then i fell into a trap and my entire inventory was stolen.... and than he killed me, i make screenshot there when he killed me but i cant send it here, the file is to big how is this possible? i think it was a computer stuff he make, elevator system is there a way to make a player rollback?
  6. mytown build issue

    its done... taltals friend invited me there. now it works thanks
  7. mytown build issue

    Taltal´s comment on wipe topic was that he wait for the wipe before he plays again.
  8. mytown build issue

    town set toggle nearby.... but i didnt know that i cant make anything more in my town :/
  9. mytown build issue

    I can not use my wand in my town. I can not activate arcane infusion either. when i use the magic wand it says: u can not use items here, owners taltal28 he claimed next to my town but did not build much yet and he was online for the last time 1 week ago. ask for a refill at his town. The neighbours town name is: 2pacland and my town name is: Vorarlberg thanks and Reguards Maik
  10. Server Lag

    my machines are turned off, i break 4000 pieces of my Capacitors, i dont use any world anchors anymore, there are no glassfibre cables anymore and i dont use transfer upgrades, this time i think its not my base wich makes the problem...
  11. Connections being closed and premium claims

    hmmm, why? i removed more than the halv Capacitor bank and i dont use any chunkloaders for the moment... i will remove more Capacitor banks. so the transfer nodes i also remove. but what should i take instead for glass fibra cables? the other ones cant transfer much energy...
  12. Refund {Request}

    hello again Today after the server restart all my Quantum Solar Panels have disappeared, luckily i took a screenshot last week :). Request for Refund. What i can count on the screenshot is 274 pieces but it was last week. by now it was certainly 400 pieces. 400x Quantum Solar Panel 228:3 400x Glass Fibre Cable 4197:9 Thank You
  13. Refund {Request}

    and something is wrong with my player xp. i have level 108 and cant get more. also did i have an "experience Obelisk" it shows level 0 even though i saved 900 on it.... and i cant save the level 108 on the experience obelisk.... can u make a player reset or something to make it work again? and make me level up again?
  14. Refund {Request}

    hello x:-3111 z:-575 y: 88 in the last week i worked a lot with thaumcraft and a lot of them disappeared over the night. 2 spawner were exchanged for obsidian, all were level 3, halv of the lasers disappeared including vibrant capacitors. What has happened there? can i have a refund pls? 1x Dimension builder 2347 (also exchanged to obsidian) 2x stabilized Mob spawner 1644 2x wyvern core 5638 2x awakened core 5639 2x Mob soul (enderman) 5649 ca: 300x Laser 1297 ca: 300x Vibrant capacitorbank 1714:3 3x Alchemical Furnance 539 3x Arcane Alembic 537:1 192x Thaumium Ingot 4498:2 it was much more but i´l be happy for this refund Best reguards Maik
  15. Refund {Request}

    hello a few things disappeared in the dimension today when i wanted to break it down. Could i have a refund please? 2x Builder Block 2393 1x Shape Card (clearing Quarry) 6959:5 1x Shape Card (clearing Silk Quarry) 6959:6 2x Tesseract 2675 Thank you reguards Maik

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