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  1. my first name was maik365, than i changed to trusgrof and now my name is maik365 again xD but now i have draconic armor and dont need that flightmode anymore, thanks and best greets from austria
  2. In game name: maik365 rank: VIP Server: Infinity evolved Hey, i changed my name and now i cant fly anymore, can u please make something? THX
  3. I would like to have my rank reactivated. I dont remember exactly which additional packages but it should be like some money and town claim blocks thanks you
  4. i would like a wipe today sooo much.... now its weekend. it should be perfect to make a new gamestart now THX
  5. that was before WIPE in november... but thank you
  6. hello??? whats with my premium account, when u gonna delete it? im waiting
  7. its ok, but thats no reason to make a premium account for me..... please delete that. yeeah it was a little bit copie in here, but i changed some things.... whate else, all helpers here have the same job to make, and i would make same like other helpers.... up to you, i´m sure already have 1000 game hours on that server, i think it doesnt matter if i make a little bit copie of that or not. my english is not 100% thats the reason why i make copie of that, but the answers are this what i would make. Best reguards
  8. i just wonder why it have been changed back again.... first accepted than changed to denied
  9. so, i dont wanna have premium and/or pefix xD
  10. i was only intrested to be helper, yesturday i was helper and today when i come online, i was premium and not helper anymore....
  11. hello, i was helper for one day and no it changed to denied.... why? and now i am premium user? i dont wanna be premium user. can u please remove the premium thing? i dont like to be a premium user. thank you
  12. paulzombie should be banned, player like him does nobody need, he just prank other players
  13. inventory rollback to 4.4.2018 22:00 (gmt +01) thank you bruny
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