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  1. BlueMischief

    Equarry refund

    Account Name: BlueMischief Item name + item ID: Ender Quarry 1828 Date/Time: 28/10/2017/unknown Description of Issue: I extended my claim (got premium so more claimblocks over VIP) and my equarry was on my town border (as Imperatus told me to do) but then as the border extended it broke my (finished)equarry. Evidence (optional, but recommended):https://imgur.com/a/sZPb9 under the item node, next to the ender marker.
  2. BlueMischief

    Builder placement

    x;2820 z:1085 y42 (should be the exact middle)
  3. BlueMischief

    Builder placement

    update: it was Dirtwrap the admin
  4. BlueMischief

    Builder placement

    si i am trying to make a 61 block diameter sphere underground so I was digging out a square when I realised I could use a builder to make the sphere first and then I just had to mine out the inside. but somehow it says that user: ionse is closeby (You cannot modify the land here Owners: ionse) but the only town that is closeby is Imperatus town ''nice'' some admin (forgot the name) told me to wait until server restart (I did) and if that didn't work to open a new topic. well this is the topic. I would like to request one of 3 things, 1. worldedit the cube gone so I can handbuild the sphere 2. worldedit the sphere in/fix the thing so I can use the builder 3. a better idea from one of the staff members not trying to be a dick or demanding with this post just ideas to fix this problem.
  5. BlueMischief


    well. I should have. but as the rules say it is not allowed to steal other people's stuff even if unprotected
  6. BlueMischief


    I placed my equarry just a few blocks outside my town border to let it mine, someone came in took all the ores and my equarry, 1 transfer node (items) some pipe and some random stuff I stored in the first chest. (location? staff message me in game or discord) MC: BlueMischief / Discord: -=iTB=- BlueMischief#0917 just a copy paste from the rules section. Griefing Players are not allowed to destroy any of a player's work by any means. Hide contents Why do we have this rule? This rule is in place to assure a player's work is safe from harm's way and that the players of the community can play with eachother in a safe and fun environment. Am I allowed to take items from an unprotected house? Our servers use certain protection systems to protect certain areas. That does not mean that if you find an unprotected area it is yours to claim. It is still considered griefing and it will be punished accordingly.
  7. BlueMischief

    [Model] Your Pc.

  8. BlueMischief

    Saplings not in infinity

    in the infinity evolved modpack we are missing a lot of saplings ( a small world without all biomes) for example the amazing Fir, fir is the wood type perfect in combination with oak. server: infinity expert Problem: no way to get fir saplings why: no biome with them, market doesn't sell them why I want them: great wood to use with oak brownish and greyish solution: to shop or give me a few and ill spread them through the server for everyone who wants them 1

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