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  1. Saiyanbob666

    Stolen drives

    X: -1278 Z: -4507 Y: 47, should only be my IGN accessing these drives
  2. Saiyanbob666

    Stolen drives

    Somebody keeps stealing storage from my drives, can someone come on and see who has accessed my drives please.
  3. Saiyanbob666

    (Rollback Request) Saiyanbob666

    Is there anyway to just rollback that chunk or does it have to be the whole town?
  4. Saiyanbob666

    (Rollback Request) Saiyanbob666

    could you put back to the 7th of February?
  5. Account Name: Saiyanbob666 Town name: / Character name : Misfits Server: DW 1.7 Coordinates: X: -1278 Z: -4507 Y: 47 Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: one week or to before drives were taken. Description of Issue: Storage was taken from drives even tho perms were set *Screenshots: ( Not necessary but helpful. )
  6. Saiyanbob666

    Got all my drives griefed

    I got all my drives stolen, all my town perms were set to false and yet somebody was able to take everything. I was wondering if I could have the town set back a to before my drives were stolen.

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