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  1. When i go to /spawn from nether, i just died exacly at the spawn point. Just need to get my items out of the grave. P.s: My ingame nickname is feef1BG.
  2. Your Name: TheWhiiteNinjaItem Name + Amount: Electrotine(7322:56)- around 100k pieces.Coordinates: around 80, 51,21 in a RFtools world called asd.(still exist).Description of Issue: I was mining electrotine the last hour hour, when i decided to stop. i break my resonant cache (where i had stored the electrotine) and everything inside it just dissapeared. Tried to replace it couple of times without any results...Screenshots (Optional):
  3. Account name: TheWhiiteNinja Ender Princess (ID:4956) x6 (=) Item screenshot: https://prnt.sc/kejax9 Ender Drone (ID:4955) x5 (=) Item screenshot: https://prnt.sc/kejal1 Corrupted bee species before ~3 days. The bees are located at : x:2535 y:77 z:1379 in a Resonant strongbox Some Ender bees was sended to me using market mail. had no idea that it will bug the bee specs. https://prnt.sc/keja62 https://prnt.sc/keja8p Those mysterious combs are taken from the end hives too. I don't know if you need this for something like proof: https://prnt.sc/keja30
  4. Account Name: TheWhiiteNinja Town name: / Character name : Town ->> Germany Coordinates: x:3044 y:64 z:2587 Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: 10.00AM GMT+3 -- 7/26/2018 Description of Issue: metadata corruption (maybe) *Screenshots: http://prntscr.com/kbgyns http://prntscr.com/kbgz97 http://prntscr.com/kbgziq http://prntscr.com/kbgzy9 http://prntscr.com/kbh1jl
  5. Hello Imperatus, i didn't. If there is a way to rollback it, ways better, i don't have to make everything again !
  6. So, the most important items (the setups) is those: 10x Culinaru Generator 1835:5 12x Generator block 2032:6 18x Radiator Block 2032:4 54x Heave Engineering Block 2032:5 8x Steel scaffolding 2032:1 6x Light Engineering Block 2032:7 24x Sheet Metal block 2032:10 1x Nuclear reactor 194:5 6x Reactor Chamber 195 10x Reactor Plating 4216 28x Overclocked heat vent 4225:1 12x Component Heat vent 4226 1xComponent head exchanger 4221:1 7x Quad fuel rod (uranium) 4206:1 128xUranium ore 167 1x Thermal Centrifuge 203:3 1x Ore washing Plant 203:5 32x Laser 1297 2x Redstone furnace 2667 2xPulverizer 2667:1 2xRedstone Energy Cell 2670:3 1x World anchor 1315 2x Ender Tank 2686:4096 5x Diamond chest 2248:2 I will also like to have those resources tho(if possible), so i can make everthing else that i didn't listed like cables, storages, etc. 32x Block of Gold 41 32x Diamond Block 47 196x Block of Redstone 152 196x Block of Iron 42 128xBlock of Copper 2076:3 20xBlock of bronze 2076:4 64x Block of tin 2076:5 64x Block of steel 2076:9 64xElectrum ingot 5141:71 32x Enderium ingot 5141:76 10x Emerald 388 That's it, don't think there is anything else to say. Have a nice day !
  7. Hello DragonLady. As i said my whole base is gone. There is no way to know what items i had, but my chests, my machine setups and everything else like those is rollbacked. Did i have to list everything like every item ? if i have to do it, i don't think that anyone will trust me, cause as a tech guy, i had alot of machines and setups, also had alot of ores, because i like the mining. Those things are the most important for me, the other things such as farms, storages, etc isn't so important, i can make them again.
  8. Account Name: TheWhiiteNinja Town name: / Character name : ( depending what you want the rollback for ) :Germany (town) Coordinates: x:3044, y:63, z:2750 ( Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]:1.1.2018 time :16~17 GMT+2 zone (Athens) Description of Issue: I just log in, and then the server said "Server is restarting, please come back in 1 min." In few minutes i joined again and the server said the same message again. I tried to join a few more times, until a friend told me that the server crashes when i join. In like 20 minutes, i joined again, this time withour troubles, but my base is rollbacked with like a week or so. Someone told me that may my chunks was corrupted, and that's why the server crashed when i join, and now when those are rollbacked, everything is fine. Okay, everything is fine with the server, but i want to have all of my things back if it's possible, i don't want all those days of playing to go wasted. Thanks alot, have a nice evening. *Screenshots: ( Not necessary but helpful. )
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