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  1. Your Name: tiomCMTItem Name + Amount: Zombie Spawner x 1 (max of both delay and some upgrade on the amount)Coordinates: 13542x 1273z 80yDescription of Issue: My zombie spawner become obsidian, maybe it's becoz it's laggy, i had added some torches to control it. Please refund the zombie spawner and the ingredients to upgrade separately if it is possible so that I could reduce the upgrade and make it less laggy, thank you.Screenshots (Optional):
  2. I cannot get into the server since yesterday. I have tested the game in single player mode which is fine. The crash report is attached, plz help. Thank you very much. crash-2019-07-31_00.19.17-client.txt
  3. A few days ago, I built a 16*16*16 RebornStorage autocrafting device. After that, every time when I log in to the server, I lagged(the situation was like tps < 1) and cannot play properly. Besides, I saw other people on the server log off, seems to be kicked because of lag. Can someone help me to remove a block from my autocrafting device in order to solve the problem?
  4. Your Name: tiomCMTItem Name + ID + Amount: Skeleton soul(wither) 5603 2Coordinates: 9446 225 -2329Description of Issue: It already happens twice. When I hold the wither skeleton soul and right click on the stabilized spawner, the soul was consumed and the spawner still didn't work. Screenshots (Optional):
  5. Your Name: tiomCMTItem Name + ID + Amount: Ring of the Aesir 4967 1Coordinates: 0 -20000 0 (End)Description of Issue: When i was fighting the chaos guardian, it said critical hit or something in the chat and i nearly died, and a bunch of graves showed up next to me and the rings i was wearing were gone. I can find my band of mana in those graves but the ring of aesir is gone.Screenshots (Optional):
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