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  1. stevodaniels

    New Minecraft Youtubers Wanted!

    Awesome! Send me your channel link! Here is mine... I'm trying to band together I tight knit group of people so let me know if you are interested. Even if you dont have/want to share your channel with the group, we could always use a full-time reviewer. Steve
  2. I am looking for a group of virtual friends who have relatively new Minecraft Youtube Channel. I really would like to develop a group who looks at each others content, rates/provides positive feedback, and helps to promote each other members channels. I feed as though starting a new MC youtube channel can be tons of fun but can become discouraging if you do not have a support group. Is there anyone out there who supports this idea and would like to talk about starting up a group? Let the comments begin! Steve
  3. stevodaniels

    New to Craftersland!!

    We will def give those a look!
  4. stevodaniels

    New to Craftersland!!

    I just started on tekkit trying to figure out skyblock lol cant wait to get the daughter on there with me!
  5. stevodaniels

    Episode Two! Let's Transform a Minecraft Village.

    Hey Henk! Sorry if it appeared that way... U actually emailed me about doing a lets play with my daughter on CraftersLand! Im still getting her used to playing on the computer as she learned MC on Xbox One. We actually plan on starting our lets play on Craftersland within the next week or two. Please PM me if you have any more questions. PS. Sorry for the mix up. Steve and Jocelyn
  6. We would love some feedback!! Can't wait to hear what the community has to say!
  7. stevodaniels

    New to Craftersland!!

    Jiimmy_04 Nice to make your acquaintance! Do you play with your kids on the server?
  8. stevodaniels

    Minecraft 1.13 Snapshot 18w05a Bossbar Tutorial!

    Xisumaviod!!! I love this guy!
  9. stevodaniels

    Father Daughter Minecraft Yourtube Channel

    I cant wait to get us started! I just want to get going on the right foot to ensure we can put 1 vid per week out.
  10. stevodaniels

    New to Craftersland!!

    Superkillking12, Thanks I look forward to getting some server playtime soon! Steve
  11. stevodaniels

    New to Craftersland!!

    Hey everyone! Pretty stoked to find a new MC community. I do a lot of play alongs, timelapses, etc. with my daughter. Are there any other parents out there who play with their kiddos too?
  12. stevodaniels

    Father Daughter Minecraft Yourtube Channel

    Thanks a ton! We will def be putting out more soon!
  13. stevodaniels

    Father Daughter Minecraft Yourtube Channel

    Sounds great!!! Just let me know! Steve

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