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  1. ohnolookwho

    [Refund Request] Legendary keys

    Thank you!
  2. Account Name: Ohnolookwho Item name: Legendary key x6 Time/date[time/date when "WHAT" happened]: 07 Aug, around 00:00 (midnight going to 8th) Description of Issue: Placed 6 legendary keys in a chest, tp'd to another location, upon return chest was reverted to state few minutes earlier. Lost few more items but nothing particularly irreplaceable except the keys. Can't provide any evidence as the event didn't leave any. The only potential proof is the fact any backups from hours before should have 4-5 legendary keys in my chests.
  3. ohnolookwho

    How to make the ME system craft 1 at a time

    Do you specifically need to use ME for terrasteel maker? You can simply put 3 droppers/hoppers into an open crate (fed by pipes, or corporea), put a redstone timer of some sort (such as hovering hourglass) and set the timing to whatever you need. Mine's on 30 minute timer, so it drops 1 mana pearl, diamond and manasteel onto the plate every 30 minutes. Unless I misunderstood you.
  4. ohnolookwho

    Blood magic - Mark of the fallen tower

    I have performed the ritual again, this time inside mining dimension. It worked fine so I guess issue is closed. For other players who are interested in performing it, avoid doing it in the overworld. Also a tip, build a 1-block thin platform around 10 or more blocks above master ritual stone, meteor will stop on it instead of destroying your ritual stones. Nether star + fortune 3 pickaxe yielded approx. 50 diamonds, 40 emeralds and 90 nether quartz.
  5. ohnolookwho

    Everburn Urn

    Thank you!
  6. ohnolookwho

    Everburn Urn

    Considering it's an early-mid game infusion that takes relatively few resources, as well as being entirely dependent on the stabilized node research to work, I wouldn't go too crazy with it. Since Brew of Flowing Spirit is currently 1.2k and Statue of the Goddess is 1k - which are significantly more expensive to make - I'd suggest no more than 500-1000 for the everburn urn.
  7. ohnolookwho

    Everburn Urn

    Since everfull urn is disabled due to a dupe glitch involved, is there a way we could somehow get access to Everburn Urn? (the dupe glitch works only with Everfull) Edit: To explain in more detail, Everburn urn allows the use of energized node to slowly generate small amounts of lava, a Thaumcraft equivalent of Serenade of the Nether. Unfortunately, it's gated behind the disabled Everfull Urn research (which generates water) and if I remember correctly, might require Everfull Urn to create.
  8. ohnolookwho

    Adding an item to the Spawn Store

    Be careful with this - if the obelisk is too close to another one (arbitrary distance, hard to decide), the maze it generates may sometimes cut into a pre-existing one, which bugs both mazes out and often creates void mazes or unfinished tunnels. I have no clue if replacing previously destroyed obelisks fixes this (a destroyed obelisk likely didnt spawn a maze, since it was never entered to begin with).
  9. ohnolookwho

    Vanishing golems

    Thank you, I greatly appreciate this.
  10. ohnolookwho

    Vanishing golems

    They most certainly didn't die, as they vanished all at once. It would be most coincidental if they did die. Thank you for the refund. It's absolutely possible their server number went over 100 and I think this happened before, but since they were different golems, I assumed they would count towards a different cap. Is that not the case then? Do all golem types count towards same limit?
  11. ohnolookwho

    Vanishing golems

    Hey, I know this problem is prevalent on many servers, but I was wondering if there's something magicians on the backend can fix. It seems Thaumcraft golems vanish sometimes. Its not common, indeed it only happened twice over last month, but replacing them bi-weekly is still costly and tedious. The first time I lost only straw golems, which makes sense since they're first golems and most common among players - easy to reach entity limit. But today I lost all golems - 3 advanced thaumium golems, 1 wood golem, 1 flesh golem and 1 straw golem. Is there something that can be done (exempting golems from clearing or increasing their limit) or should I just keep remaking them? Ps. To be precise, golems are the only way to automatically harvest and replant infused seeds from Thaumic Tinkerer and the only methods of farming mob player drops in magic mods (dynamism tablet is bugged on this server and doesnt damage), hence my use of them.
  12. ohnolookwho

    Biomes 'o plenty and next wipe

    Afaik, BoP is disabled for multiplayer generation by default (so to answer your question, unless you manually fixed it last time it probably wasnt), but when disabled BoP is present in the modpack it surrounds all oceans with mushroom biome, as it is currently on the server. I've seen this before on other servers except the ones where BoP was correctly initialized. Even if you opt in for no Biomes o'plenty, my request is only that the mushroom overload is addressed because its just plain ugly and effectively reduces map size by about a half.
  13. ohnolookwho

    Pam's Harvest

    Thanks, any chance we can add almond too? Nevermind, i was told there's "market" block in game. Awkward but doable. Sorry for spam.
  14. ohnolookwho

    Warning - don't use runic shielding!

    Update: seems like this also applies to Absorption buff (golden apple and botania flask). When hit by a crimson knight without the buff, I lost around 10 hearts (20 damage). When hit under the effect of Absorption IV buff (extra 8 hearts) i took 76 damage (8 absorption hearts and 30 hearts of my own). Edit: Testing seems inconsistent, I will put more effort into it soon and figure out what exactly causes this strange behavior.
  15. ohnolookwho

    Biomes 'o plenty and next wipe

    Hey, Is there any chance we could have biomes o' plenty enabled for next world gen? About a half of current world consists of mushrooms and deserts (http://inf.craftersland.net:8120/) and thats honestly a bummer. Is biomes disabled for a reason? From what I understood, there are two ways of achieving this but I'm not very experienced with servers. First is to pre-load the world with biomes o' plenty in single player, second is to enable biomes o' plenty generation in the config file for the world, then check if it worked (file is generated post-gen so world has to be re-generated).

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