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  1. Botania Sparks vanishing

    So far I've tested with 70 sparks and they haven't disppeared. Will write if that changes. Thanks for help.
  2. Outer Lands/Eldritch Dimension weekly reset

    I confirm the reset went fine, as far as I've seen at least. Thanks for adding the dim to reset list!
  3. Outer Lands/Eldritch Dimension weekly reset

    I've deleted the dim folder in single player world; the game generated a new copy of dim-42, exactly the same as the previous one; portal from obelisk was functional, but it needed a few seconds warmup period before it started working, probably to link the portal coords. Seems safe this way.
  4. Corporea requests kick players

    Anything that requests the item from corporea index. So "1 apple", "64 cobblestone", "5 this", "stack sand". All requests end the same - the item is successfully requested and tossed on the ground as it should be, the error occurs simultaneously. If you want to test it, let me know in game, I will set the block up for you in an existing network.
  5. Outer Lands/Eldritch Dimension weekly reset

    Monthly it is, sorry for the mistake. Before you do, I'll see if I can test whether resetting breaks the dimension - Im still somewhat worried resetting it could potentially wipe it without generating new dungeons, unless you are simply reverting it back to previous state. The dim ID is -42 according to server /cofh tps
  6. Hey, I've been trying to figure out a way of obtaining Praetor Armor and want to ask, would it be possible to add Thaumcraft Eldritch Dimension to the list of dimensions reset regularly? This is low priority of course and I don't know if this wont break the dimension/its possible at all, but there's few reasons I think this might be a good idea: - Obelisks spawn only in overworld, which limits their number - For some reason, certain people destroy the obelisks without opening them (which provides nothing...) further limiting their number - Certain items are only obtainable in the dimension, namely Praetor Armor (25% chance per obelisk) and Glyphed Stone scan (needed to unlock some research in thaumonomicon) - Reset would mean me and other collectors can farm single obelisk entrance instead of opening multiples to collect the armor set Honestly I feel bad opening more than one obelisk, depriving other players of their Outer Lands trip, all the while I'm not even guaranteed to get results (the sweetest looking armor set in the game). Brews are disabled so I cant use Brew of Ill Fitting to knock the armor off the boss, even if it spawns, and Tainted Magic is not included as a mod in infinity. Alternatively, perhaps a custom recipe that involves lots of essentia and ichor to create the armor?
  7. Item despawning warning

    I've seen this done on another server, the way they approached the issue was that they had the clear ground entities script run regularly every 5 or 10 minutes or so, with 1 minute warning before it happened, even if no lag was present. This meant that players could anticipate the script, while regularity made sure entities rarely reached the point where they caused lag. Of course this doesnt do anything to non-ground entities' caused lags.
  8. Terra Shatterer issues with clear ground entities script

    Clear lag no longer removes Terra Shatterer, I think I can say that for sure now. Thanks for the fix! It still vanishes upon server restart or crash, so dont get careless. Edit: Actually it disappeared on one restart but not on another, so I have no clue what it depends on.
  9. Botania Sparks vanishing

    The sparks vanished, so nothing changed I'm afraid. @brunyman
  10. Corporea requests kick players

    Do you mean the logs from the "FTB Infinity Evolved\logs" folder? Here's the latest lines from the "latest.log" file, exactly from the moment of crash, tell me if you need specific file attached: [19:48:40] [Client thread/INFO]: [mcjty.rftools.dimension.network.SyncDimensionInfoHelper:syncDimensionManagerFromServer:15]: SYNC DIMENSION STUFF: world.isRemote = true [19:48:40] [Client thread/INFO]: RfToolsDimensionManager.syncFromServer [19:48:45] [Client thread/INFO]: net.minecraft.client.gui.GuiChat [19:48:47] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] [G] <TGA> MustafaMB: I was going to use it for the door. [19:48:48] [Netty Client IO #2/INFO]: Restoring client configs. [19:48:48] [Netty Client IO #2/INFO]: Reset configs to client values for com.enderio.core.common.config.ConfigHandler [19:48:48] [Netty Client IO #2/INFO]: Disconnect from server: Unregistering RFTools dimensions [19:48:48] [Netty Client IO #2/INFO]: Unregister dimension: 4346 [19:48:48] [Netty Client IO #2/INFO]: Loading configuration files [19:48:48] [Client thread/INFO]: Mapping halted in G:\Documents\Curse\Minecraft\Instances\FTB Infinity Evolved\journeymap\data\mp\CraftersLand\DIM0 [19:48:48] [Client thread/INFO]: Applying holder lookups [19:48:48] [Client thread/INFO]: Holder lookups applied [19:48:53] [Client thread/INFO]: Stopping! [19:48:53] [Client thread/INFO]: [paulscode.sound.SoundSystemLogger:message:69]: [19:48:53] [Client thread/INFO]: [paulscode.sound.SoundSystemLogger:message:69]: SoundSystem shutting down... [19:48:53] [Client thread/INFO]: [paulscode.sound.SoundSystemLogger:importantMessage:90]: Author: Paul Lamb, www.paulscode.com [19:48:53] [Client thread/INFO]: [paulscode.sound.SoundSystemLogger:message:69]:
  11. Botania Sparks vanishing

    I'll test it now with around 50 sparks. Did you do anything to corporea sparks limit? I had a strange situation where I logged in and around 7 out of 40 sparks were missing, alongside few item frames. Bit odd.
  12. Botania Sparks vanishing

    Thanks, I failed at search. Does this apply to corporea sparks too, once they reach high enough numbers? Im using them for automation, currently 40, if the server limit is 100, I feel like the entire botania automation goes down the drain. Literally, since the only way to move items will be water channels and hopperhocks. Also correct me if I'm wrong, but 100 sparks will hardly cause as much lag as a giant 1000 chunks pyramid or a machine setup smelting 20 items per second per electric furnace.
  13. Botania Sparks vanishing

    It happened again, when I was kicked out for 10 minutes of inactivity - all sparks gone.
  14. Botania Sparks vanishing

    I'm affected by a pretty serious problem that makes botania automation extremely problematic. On average every 2ish weeks all my mana pool sparks vanish entirely (happened twice so far), alongside all their spark augments. This does not affect corporea sparks, which look the same but are functionally completely different, only mana sparks disappear. This is extremely crippling, since it stops all mana transfer in a system, halting all reliant setups and "machines". To compare, it's an equivalent of losing all energy pipes in your entire base and while easier to replace, I feel you should know about this and perhaps look into it. Sidenote: Mana spreaders don't do good enough job I'm afraid - they make setups even bulkier than normal and cant be used for many things, such as Dominant spark Terra Shatterer charging, or large mana mirror setup. With total of around 100 mana pools throughout the entire base, replacing each spark and augment is tedious at best. Apparently at least one other player had this problem.
  15. Corporea requests kick players

    Indeed. To expand, when player writes on chat "1 apple" or "1 this" while holding an apple, a packet is sent that searches entire corporea network (ie. all chests and containers with Corporea spark on top of them) for apples, and pulls 1 apple from nearest link in the network. Then the apple is tossed on the ground. Not many people use it, because it isn't protected by Towny - anyone can use your index to pull anything, but it can still be used on occasion and in special hidden rooms. Actual functionality of corporea is fine - pulls items, funnels them onto the ground or into mana pools etc. only the Corporea Index block seems to kick requester at the same time it completes the request.

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