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  1. Your Name: 0_PANDA_8Item Name + ID + Ammount: oak_wood+17+64, nether_star+399+12, ender_peal+368+8, ghast_tear+370+1, carrot+391+10, tin_ingot+4607:65+64, copper_ingot+4607:64+64, diamond+264+12, iron_ingot +265+128, gold_ore+14+170, ferrous_ore+762:4+96, lead_ingot+4607:67+32, silver_ingot+4607:66+32, emerald+388+2, redstone+331+252, lapis_lazuli+351:4+64, shiny_ore+762:5+2 thaumium_ingot+4780:2+10. Coordinates: X -2714 Z -860 Y 70Description of Issue: one of my chunks reset and so half my base was a wreck and all my items got deleted as so i did ask for a chunk rollback it didn't help, (sorry for the long list as i was mining for 2 hours as I am trying to upgrade my pick, ill try to make it short).
  2. 0_PANDA_8

    Chunk rollback request

    it didnt work but my base wasnt a wreck anymore maybe a few mins back would of helped but anyway ill post a item refund thing thanks anyway.
  3. Account Name: 0_PANDA_8 Town name: / Character name : LONELY / 0_PANDA_8 Server: Direwolf 1.7 Coordinates: X: -2713 z: -871 y: 70 Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: 7:40 pm 16/4/18 Australian time Description of Issue: I logged off the server as i was getting a lot of lag, so i waited about 1 hours and logged back on to notice that my base was a wreck, all of my items in my chest were gone as were the stuff in my smeltery, (nothing out side of this chunk was affected).

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