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  1. Probably because they didn't realise you had copied most of your application form answers from other applicant at first. You answered exactly what Kaszanka_1234 wrote before you in his application.
  2. We are sorry for the problems you're having. If it was important, try to ask for a refund or a rollback so as to get your your items back. The bug seems be caused by a smeltery or other multi-block structure when it's placed in the middle of two chunks, so try to avoid that and place it inside a single chunk. You can check chunks easily using the F9 key.
  3. Delu

    [RollBack Request]

    Please include the coordinates or the town where this happened, if not they won't be able to do the rollback. You should use the template for this kind of request: As we discussed in the server, try to move the whole smeltery into a chunk to avoid this from happening again.
  4. Delu

    Towny Plots

    Hello, I would say increasing the size of plots wouldn't be a bad idea, but for now, you could try to make a smaller plot. If you need more space, just make another plot next to the first one, which would basically be the same as having a bigger plot

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