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  1. Your Name: BeeBeeBoPsCoordinates: Time of logging out: -1997.50000 (-1998) 149 -16788.50000 (-16789), I do not know what my coords were of the time where I still had my inventory.Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 6:50am GMT 6th of August 2018Description of Issue: I decided that opening 4 stacks of chance cubes at once would be a good idea, and somehow it removed 50% of my inventory. I wasn't able to find my items back on the ground, as it was in the nether and I got teleported into the void by one of the chance cubes. My tinkers construct pickaxe got deleted as well. Also, I know that food is supposed to turn into zombie brains, but it still removed 50% of my inventory which for all I can remember included my tinker's construct pickaxe.Screenshots (Optional): - EDIT: The coordinates aren't where I died, I thought it was supposed to be the coordinates of where you were standing when you logged off. To clarify, I did not die, but I did lose my items, because of the chance cubes.
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