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  1. Your Name: GreenandBlack20 Town Name: Green's Coordinates: x:4329 z:128 Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 17th November 2020 Description of Issue: Someone stole my ME Drive and some deep storage unites..
  2. Name: GreenandBlack20Item Name: Vibrant Capacitor Bank ID: 1773:3 Ammount: 18965Coordinates: x:2081 z:-428 y:113Description of Issue: Hi , so i build a big bank , mainly for flex, and it started lagging the server so I tried to split it up into smaller banks but that was lagging the server much more so we asked for help in discord.I think that ManYouForgot wiped the banks and then urss told me to ask for refund so here i am.
  3. Account Name: GreenandBlack20 Town name: PANZER Character name : GreenandBlack20 Server:[DW1.7] Coordinates: X:2252 Z:579 Time/date: 29.4.2020 16:00 (GMT+2) Description of Issue: So my issue started when my friend stopped playing on the DW 1.7 server and moved to DDSS server , He had a huge base and i asked him if I can take it and move it to my base and he said yea and I started putting things into his ME system and after it was all done it was time to move the Me system. Me being an idiot I just destroyed the ME drives with the storage cells , picking it in
  4. Hi Recently i got an inventory rollback for my lost Me storage cells . After that i connected the ME drive with cells into my ME and everything worked . Later i moved some things from my ME system to another ME system because They weren´t mine and i wanted to give everything back . With the right things in the right ME systems i disconected ME system to send it . I put everything into golden bag of holding and sent it through market but the person wasn´t online and didnt recieve the bag . So i am asking for inventory rollback and town rollback . I could ask just for town rollback and put m
  5. Thanks a lot for your help on server and on Discord as well . The rollback worked .
  6. Hello , after few days i connected on server with my ME drive and storage cells in my inventory so i place them to connect it to my ME , after restart the ME drive dissapeared , can i ask for an inventory rollback ? My name at server is GreenandBlack20 rollback time : anytime at 27. August
  7. Your Name: GreenandBlack20 Item Name: Inscriber Logic Press ID 4098:15 Ammount: 1 Item Name: Inscriber Silicon Press ID 4098:19 Ammount: 1 Item Name: Inscriber Calculation Press ID 4098:13 Ammount 1 Item Name: 64k ME Storage Cell ID 4106 Ammount 1 Item Name: Logic Processor ID 4098:22 Ammount 64 Item Name:Engineering Processor ID 4098:24 Ammount 16 Item Name: Calculation Processor ID 4098:23 Ammount 16 Coordinates: x: 315 z: 705 Description of Issue: I logged in server and my invetory got deleted .
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