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  1. Fixed using the Pickaxe chat app on Android.
  2. I was flying around the map looking for a certain biome. Approaching an unknown player's base and... crash. Three login attempts produce virtually the same crash report. Here is the crash report. I don't know if I could just be moved back to spawn or something if that would be enough to let me login? crash-2018-09-05_17.39.41-client.txt
  3. Not my digital art, but art of a different sort. Exciting news! My second book has been published. Apologies if this isn't appropriate here and I will delete if needed, but I'm just so excited. Black Water on Amazon
  4. Name: Garnet, or Garney IGN: GarnetBelial nick: Garney Age: 39 Crafter's Land Servers you play: SkyFactory3 Location: Missouri, USA A short description of yourself: Just a dude with two adult kids and a dog. Artist, author, and minecraft builder for so many years now. I played before on MorganSMP and then OmniWorldMC when Morgan shut down. I was a moderator on both of those. Recently Omni shut down so here I am, looking for a new home. I used to do minecraft videos on my builds: YouTube Channel And yeah, my avator is an anthro Rapidash cos I'm a gen 1 pokemon nerd. XD Hobbies and interests: Graphic painting, real world painting, drawing, writing horror novels, reading everything, psychology, watching too many terrible movies (like SyFy level bad), playing PokemonGo, crochet... I have a lot of hobbies. Discord / Skype Name: Garney
  5. Moar space pleeeease. *pushes at boundary*
  6. I would be very unhappy if I had to restart my island. If bases are causing issues, deal with those bases and implement a clear lag of some sort to remove items. If the lag persists with these steps taken, revisit the issue.
  7. Your Name: GarnetBelialItem Name + ID + Amount: Ender fluid conduit 5659:2 - 16, Item conduit 5650 - 32, Energy conduit 5658 - 32, Spot loader 5915:1 - 2Coordinates: x: -15628 z: -19724 y: 68Description of Issue: After restart of server, logged back in to find the chunk I had been logged into at the time had been corrupted. Most of my conduits were missing and there were obsidian blocks where there had been some conduits.Screenshots (Optional):
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