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  1. I too would like to add, that our town was cleared by none other than.... Epicfighters in a previous complaint made by regular player on the server, who was in fact, complaining about the exact same thing, yet when an ex-staff member(emphasis on the EX), makes the exact same complaint, now all of a sudden we're breaking a rule? I find this to be very disheartening, we were never asked a single time to change the permissions on our town to allow crossing and in fact epicfighters deliberately stated in the previous complaint forum post that we were NOT breaking any rules, furthermore i'd like to point out that your rule #20 should not be actionable in any way if broken due to being completely subjective in nature, and to use this very situation as an example, the staff member who ended up stepping in clearly has no clue what he is doing based on how he has flip-flopped on a single subject within days. link to proof:
  2. Your Name: Nhess60Item Name + Amount: Full power suit minus glove, modules include: jetpack, cooling system, flight control, shock absorbers, night vision, kinetic generator, energy shield on all pieces, active camouflage. also had in inventory 56 pyrotheum dust, 2 stacks of blaze rods, roughly a half stack of enderium ingots, flux infused pickaxe, resonant energy cell, 2 redstone energy cellCoordinates: +400, +1175: (not exact but very close) on or just outside of my claimDescription of Issue: I was trying to fix a toxic sludge issue inside of my giant quarry when i hit a major lag spike and was unable to escape, "trixx305" "1998hotrod" "zconvict" were all online at the time to witness my numerous deaths trying to recover my items but was ultimately unsuccessful.Screenshots (Optional):
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