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  1. And shall i go without armor?
  2. Yes and we had got ban from it.
  3. Power bank is not exploited. Us old me system could make it easy
  4. So i think we got one armor set back, of staff.
  5. Yes i used the armor because i have it on there i logged in and staff know about the backpacks
  6. Bot_4 got we some backpacks back. and i tpaed to irgendwer, looked in his chests and i found one white backpack. In that one backpack was there stone, one laser, and quantum boots and quantum helmet
  7. When have i blamed you for that?
  8. So when i get free from school so shall the morest admin work or school.
  9. Okay i live in denmark for the first.
  10. I was not clear my inventory, i spawned with it.
  11. [1] In-Game Username: Itz_oreomc[2] Details of Situation: After i got unbanned, i was not on server in 2 day. I loged on yesterday and i have my quantum armor on me and a laser( We got once banned for that). I contact manyouforget about a rollback. [3] Ban Category: 2nd offense, Exploiting armor [4] Ban Duration: 7 day [5] Staff Member: OpPGold [6] ScreenShots: I loged on with armor on me, and laser. https://imgur.com/a/vPw5h1j [7] Your Reason: ???
  12. So we call him in directsupport today and we say we have get wrong base rollback so he ignore it. Pictures of directsupport: https://imgur.com/a/Sf1UzQO
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