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    LearningCurve_ got a reaction from MrBrown in [Complaint] NorseMyths   
    was Muted Due to several reports about profanity by other players, he then after continued to argue with me about the punishment in Public Main chat. I gave him several other ways to speak to me (Not Publicly) I said [Discord,Forums,In Game PMs] He then decided not to stop making a public arguement so I threatend him with a mute 3 Times I have him a verbal warning to stop, He Finally did. He then decided to ask for Proof of his Discrepancies. I refused him proof without reason. (Would have caused more of an Issue at the time)
    Was Warned Once for Excessive Profanity, This one shouldn't have happend as I warned you for the wrong thing and I am sorry for that, I wished I had explained that to you but you seem either upset or frustrated. If you please I can try to have a Staff Member Remove the Warn Completely. Again with my whole heart I am sorry for the false warn 
    In General I have been a Strict staff member and I am sorry for that! I will calm abit down, as that was very not professional of me to do. If you wish to Further File a Complaint I do not blame you. but I hope to deescalate the situation here and perhaps further a friendship from this.
    Best Regards
  2. thonk
    LearningCurve_ got a reaction from ManYouForgot in Rollback request [OpPGold] not my towns   
    You will be Assisted Eventually
  3. Like
    LearningCurve_ got a reaction from Josephmcleod15 in Money Request & Extra Claim Chunks   
    I do Believe the CLAIM CHUNKS   are possible to get back, but the money wipes weather your a sponsor or not sorry to say! I will Notify DW1.7 GM and Ask Him to Follow Up on this
  4. Thanks
    LearningCurve_ got a reaction from PrinceTerra in Quarry "owned" issue at wild and claimed area   
    This is The Link. Good Luck
    Again Viitroxx has Anti-Greif Blocks that Cover Almost 4,000 Blocks 

    The best option would be asking him to add you to his town so your not affected
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