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    Items in town land

    Account Name: xXProCastXx Item name: peridot pickaxe modular power armour (full armour) all power armour had HV capacitor power armour glider power armour fall resist 168 birch 230 oak 5x64 + 45 vote crate keys(bought them from market) 2x64 glowstone 5x64 glowstone 34 redstone energy conduits Description of Issue: When I came back from nether I had 2 hearts left and the portal teleported me to a town, when I moved of the portal frame some kind of a fall bug/glitch happend at least SOMETHING happened that I lost 2 hearts and died. Because of it the items dropped in a town land and had despawned when I got back there. Evidence (optional, but highly recommended): Sorry couldn't take a pic of the dropped items

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