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  1. Then looks like this is the end I don't know why people have Antygrief area this big, But probably He payid for it, there of all his town won't be deleted or removed at all, and because I never seen him/her on the server, I can't ask them to add me. But There is two more people had protected area on my base, and none of them ever seen on the server either. Plus I don't even know any of those data, what need for the remove, I did'n even know wehere their base is, so the only town what I be able to ask to remove is my town. But I can do it myself, At least I won't be an asshole to protect the entrye server mess up a lot of peoples fun. I hate to write bad things about servers, but I will write about this in an "Onest review". Of course I will write about the positives too, I won't be one sided, this is not a bad server, but peoples need to know about this, before jump into a play. It can really mess up a lot of thing.I can't write reviews, because I don't have permission to check the info. Whatever. Thanks for the help anyway.
  2. Tanks for your advice. Moving avay is not an option, it lasted hours to find this perfect place, and now with this isue to find an another place seems almost impossibe(mods or not, this is still Minecraft, and for me, the appearance is very important). How this "Town removal Request" works? Where Can I ask it ? And this is really remove the "owned chunks" from my area? sorry for being dumb, I an new here, and I don't know a lot of things yet. Thank you for your help. Update: I look around a little and actually the Viitroxx Owned area last literally kilometers in one direction! And Just the area where my base is built filled with several dozen fakeowned chunks (you can build on it and you can claim it, but the same bug), and I am pretty sure The whole map almost filled with this. So Thecnically Nowhere we can go.
  3. I want to use it for building purposes. It is hard and time consuming to clean multiple chunk with a pickaxe (15 to be exact), and I even seen this technic at another bases. But it's still a problem, I can't put down some object, because the "land modification rights" is in other players possession on my base. What if some of them just pop out from nothing, place a quarry and wrecky my base? It's frightful.
  4. Hi. While I wanted to place a quarry on my claimed area, I found a rather strange problem/bug. In my area what I claimed with mytown mod, It was not allowed to place quarry or marker, and it said It's owned by someone else. The mod said in different chunks owned by 3 different player: And it refers a bunch of different names around my base in the wild area too. This is on Direwolf20 1.7.10 server Thanks for checking my problem.
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