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  1. @brunyman perhaps? 😅
  2. The wipe will be done soon then...? I'm thinking to come to this modpack now the Infinity appear to be wiped too, so.... I want to know if would be better to wait a bit instead start now with the lag and the wipe in the near horizon... 😛
  3. Ok, I don't know if you did something but now the server let me join, so problem fixed I supose. Thank you anyway.
  4. Same problem here, but in this case was today when I can't login and only was in the spawn (yesterday I was playing without problems, even in the spawn), but now the server disconnect me when I try to login with the fatal error message... My help thread here:
  5. Hi, I see there is no template for bugs like this so I'll just write my problem: Account Name: Scorpin7 Problem: After the last vote party I moved to the spawn to use my keys and when the client was trying to load the map the server disconnected me and the error with the text "A fatal error has ocurred, this connection is terminated" appear, so... I can't connect to the server. I've already tried the "repair" option in the Twitch launcher but that keep happening. Perhaps some item in the armor of some other player wich my client can't load? I don't know, but help me admins, please.. Thanks :)
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