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  1. Your Name: bosschicowItem Name + Amount: 16 vote keys + daily rewardsCoordinates (format x, y, z): x 213 y93 z-590 (spawn)Coordinates of Death Tablet placed in a chest: N/ADescription of Issue: After I got my daily reward and did all my voting, I received my rewards and warped to spawn. I walked up to the chest and activated it but nothing happened. I hit it a few times not thinking something was wrong and then I got disconnected. I couldn't reconnect to the server after that for 30 mins to an hour. Once I did get back in I spawned it back where I originally logged in before I did my daily and voting with no rewards in my inventory. I tried to do my daily and voting again but it says it's already done for the day. Unfortunately I don't have an exact time but I can say the original disconnect happened somewhere around 12PM Central. I went back to spawn after I logged back in and now I'm back to where I originally logged in and logging out for the time being.Screenshots (Optional):
  2. I'm using a chest to a wooden hopper input to the Metal Press and a chest to receive the output. For the crusher I took out the conveyor belt and put the storage box right on the output. I played for a pretty good amount yesterday and didn't have any issues the entire time. I won't say it's a guaranteed fix just yet but it's definitely an improvement! Thanks for the advice!
  3. The crusher has a conveyor belt to a storage box but I can try and take out the conveyor belt part and see what happens. The problem with the Metal Press is that I literally stand at the end of the machine waiting for the item to finish and when it does finish it just vanishes. Even stepping away from it and allowing the item to fall to the floor doesn't work. It doesn't even reach the floor . I assume the chest for the Metal Press would be at the end of the conveyor belt or does it go on the ground?
  4. It seems that not long after a server restart the multiblock machines just eat items. I've had issues with the Crusher where I'll throw ore in and get nothing back. The same issue occurs with the Metal Press. I've lost many plates and frames due to this. Unless there is a workaround for getting frames, this is a big issue for progressing! I've been using the Compressor in the meantime for plates.
  5. Your Name: bosschicowCoordinates: x -679.669 Y 63 Z 1089.341Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine) (day/month/year): 06/03/2019 10:00AM Central Standard TimeDescription of Issue: I was attempting to make Stabilized Metal and I had 20 on me already. I was about to make 10 more and realized I didn't have enough Refined Hardener so I backed out of the crafting table and lost the 20 Stabilized Metal I had already made. I checked all around the crafting table as well as the floors above and below me as well as log out and back in.
  6. Possibly resolved. We are able to connect now.
  7. My friend and I are both unable to connect to the server. After attempting to log in, it says lost connection.
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