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  1. My IGN: UHCGamer_ Lost loot: 7x Diamonds 1stack ruby and sapphire Full ME System :Driver, 2x-64k Storage, ME controller, ME Drive, ME Storage Monitor Big Backpack More than 32x Iron Ingots 32 is ok 1x Quarry Cooked Meat Ingots: 26x Sapphiere Tools:Shovel,Sword,Pickaxe,Axe Enchaned Books: efficiency 4 and Fortune 3 1stack Coal Hardend Energy Cell: 1 Redstone Dust: 38x Iron Ore: 27x Cordinates: +5233,50 +4222,50 71,62 12 I was mining ores and the server crashed.. then i logged in i was in a block.. i tought it was the teleport bug.. i went forward and went flying down to the next cave and landed on a Lava pool and could'nt do anything because i was full Iron Armor.. then i died from: UHCGamer_ trying to swim in lava Im sorry that i dont have a screenshot because i got mad and clicked respawn and texted in the chat... GG... i hate my life... went flying down to a lava pool
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