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  1. Okay EPIC, thank you very much!
  2. Account Name: th2468Rank: SponsorRequested Commands^: World EditReason for Request*: Hi Im a sponsor and im looking to get the world edit permission. I want to be able to build quicker, clear areas in my claims easier and replace blocks faster. i will use it for building / clearing areas quicker. i want to build a bigger base for my clan and myself with the use of worldedit. i will not use it for griefing, bypassing claim restrictions or outside of my claims.
  3. Unban th2468 (explaination and information about the situasion) [1] In-Game Username: th2468 (premium+)[2] Details of Situation: Hi i was recently banned for the tekkit server by Deezegames, he says that i stole from a town wich i know nothing about and can not say i have done that.. i alsohe have something against me for example he tells me that he could ban med like nothing if he wanted. We also got caught up in a discussion where he told me if we ever got in a fight he would kill me (talking about real life situations) i have to admit that we were in a hot discussion about real life incidenses such as stabbing. i told that i was once stabbed and my friend had stabbed someone once, yes i know it doesnt belong on the server but i got mad because he joked about that and i take it seriously because it has happend to me, ive talked to an admin about that situation som it should be fine. anways he always trying to get me banned for something wich he finally did wich is really upsetting and demotivating since i also support the work and upkeep of this server. so know im banned for 7 days from "stealing" from my FRIENDS town? i havent even stole something i use to bring my items to his terminal and make the terminal craft for me. how is that stealing when he even told me i could do that? im really upset and disappointed from the behavior of this staff member. [3] Ban Category: Rule 8. Griefing an protected town [4] Ban Duration: The ban duration is 7 days [5] Staff Member: @DezeGames was the staff member that banned me. [6] ScreenShots: [8] No Griefing Any Protected Territory: 1st offense = 7 days ban. 2nd offense = 14 days ban. 3rd offense = 28 days ban. 4th offense = 60 days ban. Includes everything that changes the environment of claimed land. Includes any block, item, action, liquid, that can bypass protection. Includes Griefing of own Town if other members did not agree and worked hard. Griefing spawn is a permanent ban. [7] Your Reason: Its really upsetting to just randomly get banned, i dont even know wich town i supposedly "stole" from. i didnt even get a warning or an investigation that reasearched the "accused" act i supposedly have done. i havent stolen anything from FRIENDED towns as i know. i dont see why i would do that when i have premium+ and the creative command (/gm 1) all of this really dont make any sense to me. As you see above i have listed the catogory of the rule i supposedly broke. i have no warnings or previous bans. the only thing i have done was using my friends terminal and my OWN minerals to craft hard to craft items since he's terminal can craft them automaticly becasue his terminal is an upgraded version that can craft things for you and its really hard to craft some items by hand, i also used his mystcraft world sometimes to get liquids for my reactors and to make tesseracts wich he doesnt mind me doing, i do this because if i use the liquids from creative i cant sell my items on the market.. or atleast a helper told me that so i belived him. in my Ban it says ive stolen from a friended town, i dont know what town he meant because he never asked me about it or mentioned it in the ban. i have fully read the rules and understand them. as i see using someones mystcraft world and terminal (wich my friend doesnt mind me doing) to craft an item for you is NOT griefing in any sorts of ways. atleast when i just my own Resources to craft the items. i really enjoy this server and has supported it alot it would, its really demotivating to get banned like this when you really enjoy a server. hope to hear from you soon! -Torje (th2468) Link to banned account: http://ns539541.ip-144-217-10.net/tekkitbans/index.php?action=viewplayer&player=th2468&server=0
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