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  1. HornyBakedHam1 DankMoney -4351, -3196, 79 Town Members- Zahnder Inactive town with small base. Nothing new has appeared above or below the surface. Zahnder has been offline for 1 month 13 days and 19 hours. My reason for this request is I cant claim another part of my base because of the 5 chunk town limit. Thanks, HornyBakedHam1
  2. HornyBakedHam1 Fortnite -4218, -3464, 65 Town Members- Impounded Inactive town with no base/building. Impounded has been offline for 1 month 15 days and 4 hours. My reason for this request is that I cant claim a crucial piece of my base because it falls within the 5 chunk limit of another town. Since I cant claim it I have had 1 grief attempt and Id rather prevent another one. Thanks, HornyBakedHam1
  3. HornyBakedHam1 96 scale modules 64 speed modules 12 capacity modules 6 translation modules 1 force field projector 1 sphere module 1 dome module -4327, -3322, 73 Server restarted and I logged back on to find my force field was replaced with a obsidian block. Because it was replaced, all the modules inside the force field projector were destroyed along with it. Thanks, HornyBakedHam1
  4. HornyBakedHam1 Coordinates- -4306 -3296 12pm on 12/22/2018 A bulk of my items were deleted as I was trying to terraform my town. I was using a filler and the wrong setting was hit and it took off the top layer of soil along with my chests.
  5. I was terraforming my town and all my items were deleted in the process. I was wondering if it would be possible to have a small rollback issued so I can receive some of my more important items back. Thanks, HornyBakedHam1
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