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  1. I believe the only thing that's missing is: 8 of the cursed earth. (from vote party crate) Thank you for rolling back my town!
  2. My apologies for posting in the wrong area, and thank you for moving it to the correct location for me EPICfighters, Also, thank you for fixing it for me llaya I only just now saw the change.
  3. Your Name: AwCrivinsTown Name: AwCrivinsCoordinates: -1701 79 -1021Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 21:30 (GMT, USA) Feb 10thDescription of Issue: Multiblock structure emptied chests and corrupted a Botania Daybloom Primal. ---------------------------- All of the items in my chests located @ (-1701 79 -1021 ) have vanished. additionally, a primal day bloom has turned into a poppy. I have been informed by llaya that the problem was the coke oven that I built. which unbeknownst to me corrupted everything in the chunk. I was wondering if It is possible to get a chunk regen/rollback? it occurred around 21:30 (GMT, USA) Feb 10th so if it could be reset to a point before that I would really appreciate it. Best wishes, AwCrivins
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