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  1. As we grow to more servers it is hard to keep a constant uptime of application, so here we try a new format of applications where we categories the different servers. The categories will be: "Sponge" Which will refer to our Skyfactory 3, Revelation, Direwolf20 1.12 and Continuum server. "Bukkitforge" Which will refer to Tekkit, Skyfactory 2, Infinity Evolved, Direwolf20 1.7.10 and Sky Adventures "Network" Which will refer to our vanilla Network Servers. This application is for Infinity Evolved, Tekkit, Skyfactory 2, Sky Adventures and Direwolf20 1.7. You can only be picked for one, so list your preferred server to staff. (The first one being most preferred, the last one being the least.)(If you can't imagine staffing for one or two of the servers listed above then don't mention them in the list below.) 1) Tekkit 2) 3) 4) 5) Basic Information Name: Andreas KrusagerMinecraft Username: AndreasLKAge: 15Languages you speak: English and Danish and a little Norwegian Country + Time Zone: Denmark GMT+1Discord Name and ID*: Das Luftwaffel#2178Do you have a microphone?: Yes Simple Questions Can you join the forums everyday?: YesHow long have you been playing on the Crafter's Land servers?: I've been playing on the crafter's land server for about 3 or 4 yearsOn average, how many hours do you play a day and during which part of the day?**: I can useually play from 15:00 to 20:00 (3pm to 8pm) for each day except tuesaday, and i am able to do even more hours if required. Do note : The timecodes are in local time.Have you read and understood the responsibilities of the position and permissions you receive with this rank?: Yes, as a helper i don't only repsrecent the helpers i repsrecent the network as a whole.On a scale from 1 to 10, 1 being Nothing and 10 Being Absolutely Everything, how well do you know the mods and contents of the Modpack?: 8 Complex Questions What can you offer us if you were chosen?: I can offer You an active staff with common scences and experience in helping the communityHave you ever been banned and if so, why?: I have never been banned, always followed the rulesA short description of your strengths and weaknesses: I am very good at giving everyone in a Discussions a fair chance, and the possibilty to speak, but sometimes exclude myself in the processWhat is the one thing you can improve yourself upon?: I think i can improve on my laziness What experience do you have as a staff member? Exemplify: I have worked for a couple of danish servers and staff has always liked me.What other modpacks/gamemodes have you played? Elaborate: I've played some alot of Attack of the B-Team and i've played a bit of Is there a mod in which you excel at, if so, which one and how?: I have many hours in Thermal Expansion and galacticraft and basically know the mods from top to bottom.Do you have a screen recorder? Are you willing to download and use one?: I own OBS wich is a screen recording software and are willing to store up to 500gb of footage if neededWhere do you see yourself as a Crafter's Land staff member in the future?: Let's seeWhat suggestions would you like to see from us and how can you help us improve the server?: I think the shop prices are unrealisticly high and should be lowered.How much do you know about the helper rank? Elaborate: (permissions, usage, principle/concept): I don't actually know that much, i did of course read the permissions and are not planning to abuse any of them.What knowledge do you have of how the staff operate today (communication, coordination, activity)?: I do not know how you're coordination is but i do know that the staff team in general are very active both on server on forum and on discord Scenarios You see a player abusing a glitch, what do you do?: I give him a warning to stop abusing the glitch, and if it's a server based glitched i try to get it fixed ASAP. If the player does not stop, i would have to give him a short ban/jail time for the abuse of the glitchA player lost his items due to a server crash, what do you do?: Ask about how it happended and events before that, to establish a story. often from the context of a story and how the story seems you can tell if they're lyingHow would you handle a situation if you got targeted by trolls?: I am very good at withstanding trolls and basically ignoring people spamming to me or trying to insult me.A player is speaking a a foreign language in chat, what do you do?: I tell him in english to only use english in the global chat, and if he dosn't understand i will try to find out wich language he uses and try to speak to him in that language to stop. (using prefferebly using google translate, it's not perfect but it works for getting the message across.) *Mandatory **You must live up to how many hours you say you will play.

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