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  1. @Henk @brunyman @EPICfighters @Exief @ManYouForgot @Yusixs @IanTheOfficial @MachoPiggies @BasGroen @Cuadroto @xtomyserrax @CuteLoli @DragonSlayer @Powerwarp @Reverser @RuisuMC @abisredbull @NorseMyths @evie10 @urss333 @Zdegade @Smiley10631 @oppgold You seem to have forgotten about my complaint just thought I'd throw out a reminder considering I have waited nearly 2 months for you to conjure up a response. I don't think this sets a good example for the community as you have ignored it for this long and its about a serious issue that I and most other people would have thought to be resolved by now!
  2. Account Name: BanTheMan Town name: / Character name : BanTheMan Server: dw1.7 Coordinates: N/A Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: Evening of 12/05/2019 Description of Issue: Can't join the server and I have been crashed since I took something out my me system
  3. I mean by removing the initial structure as shown in resource B but not G.
  4. There is a common phrase which is "you're such a hypocrite" or "you're being very hypocritical", which means they don't practice what they preach due to the inconsistencies in what they say and do. Additionally, if as you say it was about "A player who is in your town" then it seems less probable to be offensive towards them and a higher chance it was portrayed as a statement or just some intricate design. Also, I noticed that you didn't seem to agree nor disagree with it breaking the rules and if it was seemingly close to breaching a rule it would likely be rule 15 of modded servers. However, personally, I do not see how it would be possible blocks are harassing someone. Forgive me if this is the case and it came across as pressurizing. If this is the case then it would also classify signs in spawn as harassing every single player on the server by forcing them to follow the rules and pressuring them to not break rules as well as threatening them with punishment if they do not comply. While on the topic of breaking the rules, I would like to bring your attention to the official Mojang rules for usage of their game as can be found at the following link. https://help.mojang.com/customer/en/portal/articles/1590522-minecraft-commercial-use This states the platform may not be used to use hard currency to provide players with an unfair advantage over others. Mojang has been kind enough to list some examples and I will repost here those I believe have been infractured. Due to this, you are not allowed to sell the following for hard currency: The ability to: 1. use a portable crafting table, chest, ender chest, compass, etc. 2. set the time of day or weather, for yourself or others, other than in places where the intended server's gameplay does not occur, such as the lobby of a minigame server. 3. clear your inventory. 4. see other players’ inventory, other than in creative mode. 5. fly in places where the intended server's gameplay occurs. 6. Bedrock blocks or other non-cosmetic items. 7.Items or perks that affect gameplay or give the player an unfair advantage, even if they are also available through soft currency purchase, or just by playing the game for a certain time. Please note this was only infractions from the example and I believe in the possibility for more. I believe point 1 is /workbench, 2. is covered by buying premium on the buycraft store, 3. is done by the /clearinventory command which I believe is unavailable to users, 4. as part of premium you can view other people inventory with /invsee <player>, 5. can be done with /fly again not for players, 6. with buying premium you get creative which leads to this, 7. you can buy item kits such as ic2 kits for solar arrays which provide an unfair advantage. Back to my initial point, you denied you implied you would remove the structure and doing so without refunding the resources but you have contradicted yourself based upon your actions as it is currently removed and I see no refund.(Removal is depicted in resource G and "I did however take down the offending structure.") Regardless, if it was built with creative or survival that is an assumption which should not be made to offer the items back or not as someone may have worked extremely hard to acquire the materials necessary and you have just flushed all their hopes and dreams down the toilet. As for the topic of avoiding the question, I believe I answered it within the bounds of deferring from the original question and can nor confirm nor deny any allegations. Thankfully, I am glad we both agree on the fact of having "absolutely no grounds for punishment" but you do say you will remove it for little reason or sense as to why. You do state that it is causing lag according to chunk profiler but I have seen no proof of this fact and consider the possibility "lag" should it exist would be originating from the 100,000,000,000 RF vibrant capacitor on the left of resource G. I also must add it is not your decision if I feel harassed for example, you can't punch someone in the face and tell the person you injured that doesn't hurt. On the topic of pressuring me into admitting a crime, you did not deny pressuring me into admitting creating the structure present in the evidence and only have allegations based on "non-concreate" proof. You also deem the structure unlikely spelled Uuu(sideways)GJLF IS A HYPOCRITE but acknowledge the possibility. However, unfortunately, as you have removed the original source of evidence it makes deciphering this extremely difficult. I would additionally like to add, "If you are offending someone intentionally" this is not the same as harassing, for example, you if you said to a mate as a joke "Those creps are dead! Where did you get those poundland?" then it is not constantly pressuring them you are merely expressing your opinion and asking where they came from. Last time i checked freedom of speech was allowed but feel free to update me if that act of law has been revoked recently. Resources: G.
  5. Also, the screenshot seems to show Uuu(sideways)GJLD IS A HYPOCRITE.
  6. Harassing someone != Offending someone
  7. In-Game Nickname: craftyguy23 Time and date: 21:03 06/05/2019 Description of what happened: I was contacted by a gm through discord who suddenly accused me of making a piece of artwork inside a base I'm in (As seen in reference B). Apparently, it was harassing OpPGold. When I showed her the definition of harassing was to either have aggressive pressure or intimidation towards someone she believed it was still a valid reason. From the screenshot, I was sent it only looked like some text spelled out in blocks which personally I wouldn't have classed as breaking the rules. He has accused me even though he has said himself it consists of creative items when I'm not a creative player that would be able to spawn the resources needed to make that. They also implied they would remove it without refunding the resources as can be seen in reference A. I currently feel harassed as I am being forced to removed it and accused of making it with no accounted grounds. I also feel I am constantly being pressured into "admitting" a crime I have not committed. If I could please be informed of the outcome of this report it would be greatly appreciated. Screenshots or Proof: (Use www.imgur.com) A. B. C. D. E. F. List of eyewitnesses: (They should also make a post below) 11762-rules-modded-servers-updated-on-03042019[1]
  8. Account Name: BanTheMan Town name: / Character name : BanTheMan Server: dw1.7 Coordinates: N/A (inventory) Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: 10 AM (GMT) 06/04/2019 Description of Issue: Inventory had to be wiped in order to make it on due to corrupt inventory
  9. Account Name: BanTheMan Town name: / Character name : Ban's (town) Server: dw1.7 Coordinates: x: -792 z:-246 y:72 (Dimension -7) Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: 10 AM GMT 01/04/2019 or before (not after) Description of Issue: Monthly wipe removed my town
  10. Account Name: BanTheMan Town name: / Character name : Ban's (town) Server: dw1.7 Coordinates: x: -792 z:-246 y:72 (Dimension 11) Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: 1 PM GMT 11/03/2019 Description of Issue: Stuff got removed that I did earlier
  11. I was experimenting with shield gens again and shape cards with a different shape so I need another rollback. I was testing and got ?:??? ?:??? ?:??????? ????? in the main world stuck so that just needs to be reset. Also, I tried using a basic capacitor bank to power my shield generator with a chunkloader as well in the thought it would defintly run out and i would be able to join back quickly instead of erroring out. IDK why that didn't work so I need a rollback on the original coordinates (x:-765 z:-435 y:76 dimension -7) to the time/date: ??:?? ??? ?? ?????? ?? ??/??/????. I'm just going to not touch shape cards again they are buggy as hell.
  12. Account Name: BanTheMan Town name: / Character name : N/A Server: dw1.7 Coordinates: x:-765 z:-435 y:76 dimension -7 Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: 19:15 GMT (time of the incident was about 19:20 so no later than this) 25/02/2019 Description of Issue: A shield generator tier 4 with a shape card of a sphere crashes anyone close to it and they have to be moved away to join back. *Screenshots: Not available as you get crashed before you reach it
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