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  1. Trying to see if I can bump this again. Its been over 2 weeks since I posted this. I'm kinda running out of stuff to do unless I can expand some. I really don't want to buy another set of claim blocks if I don't have to. Thanks Z
  2. I was looking at the live map today and noticed that some players seemed to be exploring past what was the world border limit of about +/- 5000. I decided to go exploring thinking the border had been expanded on purpose. I managed to fly out past x: 11000 z: -11000 without running into a world border. Is this a glitch? If so and the old border returns then people might have bases built outside the limit by then. Just giving you a heads up. Z
  3. In game name: Zaphod_965 Proof of Purchase: Don't have. I purchased these ranks/kit long ago Description of Issue: I only seem to have the extra 112 blocks from my premium rank. I'm missing the 80 from VIP and 160 from the Kit. Date/Time of Purchase: Long ago - maybe 2 yrs Items/Rank Bought: VIP + Premium + Extra Claim Blocks Kit Screenshots (Optional): Any other important information: I think I am supposed to have at least 160 additional blocks from the extra blocks kit plus maybe another 80 due to upgrading from VIP to Premium but I'm not sure about that.
  4. Your Name: Zaphod_965 Item Name + ID + Amount: Player Cash 240000, Exp Levels 1000 Coordinates: Description of Issue: On 3 separate instances over the last week the following happened. First was I have over 1000 levels of stored xp vanish. It might have been on my player or in an experience obelisk. I definitely didn't lose it by dying. Then after the server outage a few days ago when I logged back on my homepoints had all been reset. I'm not worried about that I'm just saying that also happened. Then today my player balance which was over 240000 yesterday I think - I was #3 on the baltop
  5. In game name: Zaphod_965 Proof of Purchase: Don't have it. I bought the RFTools World Save Kit for this server long time ago. Description of Issue: RFTools World Save Kit. I have a dimension created on DW20 1.7.10 server I would like saved please. Date/Time of Purchase: I bought this kit for a long time ago - maybe 2 yrs. Its my understanding this kit never expires after a wipe. Items/Rank Bought: RFTools World Save Screenshots (Optional): Any other important information: The dim is #35589 named Magrathea. If for any reason this dim gets deleted before staff gets
  6. Last dim was deleted prior to save. New one name Zapworld, Id 34951. Hoping third times the charm. Z
  7. Ok I managed to make a new dim for saving. Name still Zapworld, ID is 34901.
  8. There have been problems with rftools dims on DW1.7 today. Players getting kicked when travelling to dims, I had to use unstuck a few times. I'm going to hold off making a new dim for saving until it gets sorted out. Thanks, Z.
  9. Ok that world got deleted today with the dim reset. Working on another - will post name and dim # here when ready.
  10. I've had this kit since a few wipes ago, had it reactivated before. I just created a dimension on DW20 1.7 with name "Zapworld" it's ID is 34860. If this can get saved before the next regular dim reset that would be great. I will hold off building there until I hear back. If a reset happens I'll just remake the dimension and use the same name and edit this post with the new ID. Thanks, Z
  11. Ok my dimension got wiped today before it got saved - no prob I thought that might happen. I made a new dim same name Magrathea ID is 33286 hopefully someone can save this for me before Monday's wipe. Ty, Z.
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