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  1. Ok my dimension got wiped today before it got saved - no prob I thought that might happen. I made a new dim same name Magrathea ID is 33286 hopefully someone can save this for me before Monday's wipe. Ty, Z.
  2. Also if possible can I get notified when this gets done, in discord? The dimensions are supposed to get wiped tomorrow and if that happens before the save I can quickly make another dimension and provide the new Id number. Thanks, Z.
  3. In game name: Zaphod_965 Proof of Purchase: ?? Description of Issue: Please update my saved rftools dimension. Date/Time of Purchase: ? Mar - Apr 2019 ? Items/Rank Bought: Rftools World Save Kit Screenshots (Optional): Any other important information: The rftools dimension I'd like to save is named Magrathea and is ID# 33272 on the DW20 1.7 server. Ty.
  4. In game name: Zaphod_965 Proof of Purchase: Description of Issue: Don't have the claim blocks I should have with my rank. Date/Time of Purchase: Last year sometime idk exactly. Items/Rank Bought: Premium Rank Screenshots (Optional): Any other important information: I just came back to this server just over a week ago after a long absence. There was a server wipe since i was last on. Everything with my old rank seems to work ok but my claim blocks are still set to 20 like a new player. I recall I used to have over 200 I think. I tried reporting this as par of a Rank Reactivation posted Feb 14 but nothing has happened. It was suggested in discord by a GM I should put it under buycraft issue. Ty.
  5. Your Name: Zaphod_965 Item Name + ID + Amount: Filled Socket, 818, 24 Master Blood Orb, 4707, 4 Demon Blood Shard, 4726, 4 Lava Sigil, 4680, 1 Divination Sigil, 4691, 1 Sigil of the Whirlwind, 4728, 1 Void Sigil, 4681, 1 Sigil of Haste, 4689, 1 Sigil of the Blood Lamp. 4748 Water Sigil, 4679, 1 Sigil of the Fast Miner, 4687, 1 Coordinates: -3550, 1624, 75 Description of Issue: I lost a full set of bound armor I had left on an armor stand. I had swapped it with a full set of awakened ichor armor a short time before I noticed the problem. When I went to change back into my bound armor, I found there was another identical set of ichor armor on the stand and not the bound armor. I showed this to Zachary13 who thought it may have been due to a server rollback? I would like to get refunded the full materials needed to craft the bound armor again. I can give to any mod or admin the extra ichor armor set if it needs to be destroyed. Ty Z. Screenshots (Optional):
  6. In order for our and your convenience, please copy paste this template and fill in the information when making your refund request topic.For your topic name, use Your Name: Zaphod_965Item Name + ID + Amount: Runed Tablet, 4841:2, 1Coordinates: n/aDescription of Issue: I never had this item in my inventory. I was doing a thaumcraft outerlands dungeon and it was despawned when i got to the correct room with the 4 guardians. AFAIK this is a known bug/glitch with thaumcraft and might be partly due to lag? Anyway without the tablet you cannot open the boss room. If possible I would like to get the tablet to complete the boss but as i said in discord if it can't be done i'm not that worried about it. TY Zaphod_965Screenshots (Optional):
  7. now that i think of it, i after the server reset i did manage to log on again and was back in my base. i tried to go back to the rftools dim i was in previously. i think maybe my dialer wasnt set right and i ended up in someone elses base. anyway resetting me to spawn is still prob the best soln?
  8. Oh ya my launcher says something about ticking screen. heres the crash report if it helps. crash-2019-03-02_17.41.57-client.txt
  9. Hi I can't login my client crashes each time I try since 20 mins ago. I tried to do /home just as the last server restart happened. I was in a RFTools dim at the time. I think my player is lost in the void? Pls reset my pos to spawn maybe? Ty.
  10. Ok I just logged back on and went back to my base thinking I wasnt the problem after all. 5 mins later there was a crash. Managed to log back on and quickly tp to spawn. I see missing chunks in the ocean near my base. Pretty sure there's a problem around my base too. I'll stay off until I hear back.
  11. ok i think it's def at my base. i can hang around spawn over 30mins with no problems. i'm gonna stay off the server a few days until you admins figure it out. if you want to test just do /spawn zapland i'm sure the server will crash in a min or so. also the ender pump i mentioned i managed to break it so its no longer running so thats not the problem.
  12. Hi i'm a new guy these past few days. I think the problem to todays crashes is at my base. It crashed a few times shortly after I relogged and once i moved my player to spawn the server seems stable. The town is zapland. Feel free to regen the whole place if you need to. Not sure what the issue is but I was using an ender-thermic pump going to void pipes to replace water around my base with stone.
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