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  1. Your Name: MaverickGothCoordinates: 3 steps west of +3696.29, +2455.60 55.62 (54)Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 10:30 CentralDescription of Issue: Attacked by NICK: I was filling my Reactor with Cryo and next I know i'm down in the Cryo die'ing and couldn't retrieve none of the items. which includes the list below. full power suit with these items on; Helmet: with Energy Shield, Water Electrolyzer, Auto-Feeder, Flight Control. Chest: Energy Shield, Jetpack, Magnet. legs: Energy Shield, Sprint Assist, Uphill Step Assist. Boots: Energy Shield, Jet Boots, Shock Absorber. Flux infused sword, Flux infused pickaxe - with silk touch I, and Effiecience 4 Resonant Energy Cell and 29 bucket of Cryo gell for the reactor.Screenshots (Optional): Well the Images were too large to send. If you come by Coordinates above you'll see what happened and where it happened 3 steps west of those coordinates.
  2. Your Name: DeathHunter2010Item Name + Amount: full power suit with mod's energy shield all 4 pieces, water electrolyzer, auto feeder, flight control, jet pack, Magnet, uphill assist, sprint assist, jet boots, shock absorber, also 1 infused enchanted sword, 1 infused enchanted pickaxe with silk touch, 1 infused enchanted axe, 1 infused enchanted shovel, 1 infused wrench, 1 resonant Energy cell, and some wooden blocks I was working on my tree house. Coordinates: -4671.70, +5997.51 4.79(3) next to lava and laser drillDescription of Issue: The game crashed and when I logged back in I was die'ing in the Lava or laser not sure which and before I could move I was dead, when I "/back" the items were all gone. eScreenshots (Optional): P.S. This is Deatherbringerkgb aka Gerald Manning, I am DeathHunter2010's father, he is only 9 years old so I filled this out for him I built all those items for him so if its an issue replacing them I can make more. Thanks.
  3. Thomasgrp has apologized and replaced what he damaged. Rollback no longer needed. T/C
  4. Please Cancel the Roll back request; because I've already rebuilt everything I lost in the "Claim abuse raid" SoLongthx4fish and Unicumkempbush on several different occasions, done seperately have attacked and cause my wife, children and myself to die to wither skeleton spawners and advanced mob spawners. I've tried typing in several times "/town perm set mob false" and it has not seemed to work. I will do more research on this issue to prevent random mob spawners from working, but I would greatly appreciate it if the server admin would look at and serious consider banning both Unicumkempbush and SoLongthx4fish because they are both abusers of the claim bugs. Players should not be able to right click on anything when on someone elses claim unless friended that would end the problems. Thanks for your consideration. Your Name: DeathbringerkgbCoordinates: I had the coordinates on the first one but it was thrown away.Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 12:30am March 24, 2019Description of Issue: Attacked by NICK: rollit aka Unicumkempbush and Tommygunz aka NICK: INFERNAL.JRScreenshots (Optional):
  5. Please ignore the Town Roll back for @tekkit ign: Deathbringerkgb ACFreak13 helped me figure out it was my client glitched. I uninstalled techniclauncher and reinstalled and I was able to see all my stuff in the ME system again. Thanks
  6. Your Name: DeathbringerkgbCoordinates: Below and just north of the HARM base other than that I'm new to game I don't know the coordinate system "VILLE" is seen on the mini-map over the base.Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 3:40am Central Standard Time 3/15/2019Description of Issue: I was standing on the a platform pumping oil and putting out a Resonate Energy Cell to power the pump when the screen about 20 x 30 squares when Opaque then I was poisoned and somewhere below where I was, I had about $15,000 worth of items purchased and crafted and won with keys in about 6 to 7 different bags. Screenshots (Optional): sorry no screen shots because server is down right now. I'm not sure but I think it was a Java lag issue that caused the fall. Thank You for your consideration.
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