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  1. Your Name: HomelessJew and digitoItem Name + ID + Amount: legendary crate keys arround 750 100 dollar billd arround 30k i counted and its like 3 mil we found these on a abandoned island Coordinates: x:4850 y:65 z:-1850Description of Issue: so i got a inventory rollback bc i had me drives (from ae2) in my inventory with shulkerboxes inside which had arround 100 wallets filled with 100 dollar bills in it which made me crash everytime i tried joining the server so i rollbacked my account to the time i hadnt broke any drives yet but in the me drive which i broke were drives with legendary crate keys and dollar bills , a ton of then but we´d like to have some of that loot refunded or if its possible the disk drives (they were all filled with 64k items) Screenshots (Optional): cant provide any sorry if it helps u could ask some players that were on at the time we opened some (we didnt give any1 keys bc i told my m8 it would break the economy so we didnt do it) Kos-Viruz can probably confirm that we had this ammount of loot or the fact that we have some quantum storages we hope to hear from you -HomelessSquad
  2. Your Name: HomelessJewCoordiantes:x:4850 y:60 z:-1853 Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine)17:30/16.3.2019Description of Issue: i have disk drives in my inventory that art to filled with shulker boxes and in those are wallets filled with 100 dollar billsScreenshots (Optional): cant provide any sorry
  3. Disconnect glitch so lately ive been flying around my island and ive come across an pretty large island that crashes my game if i get close to it and when i reconnect i still get kicked i can only join back if i get tpd away the island owner is called Edwardf and hasnt been online for like 12 days . when i get disconected i get this message and idk what it means
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