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  1. Your Name: Peter_GriffinTown Name: ConcordiaCoordinates: x:1516 y: 72 z: 641Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 06/04/2019 (Took a short break and it was fine around that time)Description of Issue: Nearly everything in the base has gone and some wood planks have been placed with tracks on them. Must be some sort of claim bypass since I'm the only one on the claim. Images are in the spoiler.
  2. Issue was fixed. Sorry about posting
  3. Your Name: Peter_GriffinItem Name + Amount: 1 Tesseract and 22 import busesCoordinates: x: -4726, y: 10.292 z: -343 (Tesseract) and x: 1519 y: 63 z: 641 for the import buses.Description of Issue: Been moving my base and when I went to mine the tesseract it vanished once it hit the floor and for the import buses I dropped them by accident and when I tried to pick them up they disappeared.Screenshots (Optional): None
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