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  1. In-Game Name: The_Pro_Gamer_HD Server: Skyfactory 4 Item name: 200k of all resins Time & Date: Last login. Description of Issue (how you lost the items): Server Crash all the items are replaced with the item "air". Evidence (an old screenshot/video that shows you had the items;Optional):
  2. Name The_Pro_Gamer_HD POS: -6400 66 3330 Problem: aschines turned to obsidian 2x Upgradable Geothermal Generator 6 Stacks Valkyrie Lib Speedupgrades 4 Blue Mulch 4 Hopping bonsai 1 Autoclicker from Clickermachine
  3. 3 Ultimate Gas tanks 1 Ultimate Energy cube 1 Geothermal generator 1 Red/Red/Red Endertank 4 Stacks Speed Modifiers (Valkyrie Lib) 1 Harvester 1 Tier 3 Growth crystal 1 Elite Curshing factory 1 Elite Smealting factory 1 Sewage Composter 1 Animal Sewer 16 Chickens 1 Rotatory Condenser 3 Infinite Watersources 2 PRC 1 Electrolytic seperator 48 Speed Upgrades(Mekanism) 48 Energy Upgrades(Mekanism)
  4. Your Name: The_Pro_Gamer_HD 1 Compact machiene with black mulch setup Coordinates -6404 66 3322 Description od Issue: The Compact Machiene couldnt be accesed anymore after a Server restart
  5. The compact machienes stop working after a server crash/restart. Could i have my setup refunded?
  6. The Vat from EnderIO does not work in SF3. I tried making nutrient destillation and it dosn't work. I have tried replacing the Vat, reloading the chunks etc. it still dosn't work. I need vapor of levity for cooling a big reactor i want to build.
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