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  1. @Swimsam1 i fixed it. Deleted my town and re created one... Could i get a refund if possible? I lost so much money
  2. @Swimsam1 /town claim does not work either.. It says "1 blocks requested of which 0 are able to be claimed and 0 already owned" it is wilderness so no one has a claim plus it takes my money.........
  3. @Swimsam1 will i be getting a refund? Im pretty sure i lost about 400$-500$ I'd appreciate 400$ as it is useful in the market and i have been voting on every website.
  4. @Swimsam1 right.. I will try it tomorrow.. And will keep you updated here. I shall be online in 7-8 hours. Also, Since i created a nation, now it costs way more money and i dont want to lose huge amounts anymore... How do i stop that?
  5. @Swimsam1 so instead of /t, use /town? I cant try it now. I logged off as this kind of got me annoyed after various hours of searching and trying.. Though i will try it tomorrow. I am connecting from Asia so time zone is a problem.
  6. @Swimsam1 wait.. What do you mean it needs to next to be an already claimed land? I had another town (which i deleted) in that one we just went to the chunks with f9 menu open (f11 is fullscreen for me) and claimed them with /t claim no problems then,but here i have 800$ now however i had 1275-1300$ and got 0 land.
  7. @Swimsam1 i have not build anything. My problem is that i went to a chunk, wrote /t claim, lost 5$ and did not even claim the land... Then i created a nation and tried which costs either 20 or 40$. And still it said something like 0 blocks has been claimed 0 has already been claimed with green letters and took my money.. At first i thought it was specific to that chunk so i tried the ones around it, got the same message and lost a lot of money trying to claim land... It was wilderness as well.. No one had claimed it.. I have a recording of it just like i said.
  8. Hello... I was trying to claim a land however though i have a town, when i write down /t claim it takes my money and does not claim the land. I have 2 videos to show it as well. I did not have fraps or bandicam so i recorded on my phone. Any staff contact me from my mail and I'll give you my whatsapp number. The videos explain the situation in more detail. Me and my friend were planning to play and set up a castle and i was gonna go ahead and buildit however i ended up wasting 2-3 hours looking for the land just to waste my money(ingame) and time...
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