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  1. My friends an I are waiting for the wipe to play again. Please start a new poll.
  2. Last Vote was a month ago, maybe we can do new poll for a wipe ?
  3. Ur arguing with wrong facts. After every wipe. you are able to see nearly the same persons playing. Everyone who is maxed endgame wants to start new. with all the other mates. They are just not playing, because they and their ingame friends are maxed too. just look weather now or in a month, there will be more people active, and there will be more votes, because you need the votes for money and starter items since you are midgame, you dont need to vote anymore.
  4. Im playing since 3 weeks and im near draconium suite .I ended Thaumcraft, Botania, i got a dimbuilder ... and ended RF Tools and i start autocrafting now. nevertheless id like to wipe now, than in a month. so u can start with everyone new. U can challange in Baltop and excheange with other peoples inpressions. this is way better. I would delete my Game for the wipe
  5. but all the people, who want to play this modpack and can not play that often would never come to lategame before the next wipe. like Timur said: ,,wipe is coming, sooner or later,, it doesnt make sense to play now. Better make a reset and u can start now, than start new in a few weeks. That is lost time.
  6. I think its better to wipe now. Its Christmas time and everyone hast time to play. It would be sad to be very active now and everything gets deleted in a few days. Better start now, it does not make sence to grind getting better, while knowing, that everything will gets deleted in a month. Sadly i didnt noticed the poll, but i would vote for YES. It is nearly impossible to get on Baltop in just a month, what is out of my few the main goal for playing. PLS, just wipe the server
  7. In-Game Username: Randomer123 [2] Details of Situation: IceWack said, that I duped, but I didn't .... The only thing what is not normal are some items, I got from shermansky, who got banned for duping. He destroyed his own base and I was able to collect all ME storages and put em in mine... It's nothing special I guess. I didnt dupe. I spend over 60h playing that game on this server. [3] Ban Category: -Duping [4] Ban Duration: -5 june [5] Staff Member: Icewack [6] ScreenShots: -(Answer in this line)- [7] Your Reason: - it is
  8. In-Game Nickname: (One complaining about) IceWack Your Nickname (optional): Randomer123 Time and date:22.05.2019 Description of what happened: (In chronological order) I tried to log in and there is a sign that I've got banned for duping. My problem is, that I didn't I got some stuff from shermansky who got banned for duping . I collected his storages for ME system and added it to mine. So.... I don't know why I'm banned. You can have alle the items he gave me But please regenerate my Base and my inventory. I've s
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