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  1. Your Name: Shawny_BoyClaim Leaders Name: TekumekuCoordinates of claim : -2048, 146, 3580Claim members: TekumekuReason for request: Want to expand claim, but theirs is in the way.Screenshot of town members activity (optional, but recommended): Untitled.bmp Last online: 32 days 11 hours
  2. Your Name: Shawny_BoyCoordinates: -368, 69, -258 (spawn)Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): June 6 2019, 330pm PSTDescription of Issue: Glitched out and died at spawn, gravestone didn't spawn.Screenshots (Optional):
  3. I desynced and somehow died at spawn, now my inventory is gone and I think my gravestone is under the floor at spawn. Can anyone help me get it back?
  4. Your Name: Shawny_boyItem Name + Amount: Premium RankCoordinates: Description of Issue: Might not qualify for a refund, but I thought id ask. I bought the premium rank yesterday, and not an hour later I started getting the "Timed out" issue, and it wont go away. I cannot get on the server at all, and dont know if I'll be able to again.Screenshots (Optional):
  5. Your Name: Shawny_Boy Town Name: umbrella Coordinates of Town: X = 4269.23709, Y = 63, z = -4344.55413 Town members: MrSaints97, _VaLovMaster_ Reason for request: Building town near by but their town is too close, and is abandoned. Screenshot of town members activity (optional, but recommended):
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