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  1. Your Name: HadeshorneItem Name + ID + Amount: 15 different resource pigs 4 of each kind listedCoordinates: x:-14094 z: 14139 y:70Description of Issue: After a restart all of my resource pigs were gone. The biggest issue is making all 60 pigs again(15 types, 4 of each). I can make the buckets of mud and feed 60 pigs if making the specific ones are too difficult. Any help would be appreciated. The list was made by checking my truffle combiner contraption at x:-14153, z: 14064, y: 66 I had 4 of each kind listed below; Magnesium Boron Lithium Uranium Thorium Prismarine Ender Pearl Platinum Sand Tritanium Soul Sand Invar Dilithium Steel Obsidian Screenshots (Optional):
  2. I managed to remove them myself, had to convert them into different blocks using an gentle exchange scepter from cyclic then breaking the new blocks.
  3. SkyFactory 4, used Destruction Gadget to remove a layer of blocks under my platform, left behind a bunch of invisible blocks that can't be interacted with or passed through. Biggest solid line can be seen at x: -14160, z: 14057, y: 67 looking west. Any assistance in getting rid of them would be appreciated as I'm eventually going to be building in that area.
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