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  1. Cinnamon toast! i opened a crash log. i am pretty sure it points on the potion brewer at >Block location: World: (-1325,73,-5891) is this what i am searching for? (i assume yes btw) TY for a suggestion to check the log.
  2. so i reinstalled the modpack (didnt expect it to help tbh) aand it didn't help lel.
  3. prly the is rollback will be needed. so here is the rollback form Your Name: I_Kill_RaversIsland Owner Name: I_Kill_RaversCoordinates: -1310ish -5880ish (took cords from a random screenchot of my base)Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): august 11th UTC+3 10 amDescription of Issue: in the topic above
  4. I assume this keeps happening because i accidentally put a wrong item in the brewer from Industrial Foregoing. my ign is I_Kill_Ravers. will be glad if someone will halp me. (this error appears every time i log in)
  5. I am not sure if its an appropriate place to ask but can i get my account unbanned on the discord? i even not sure why i got banned in first place. discord nickname is Straight_as_a_line#0802. Thanks for taking actions and i promise i wont do it again (if You say me the reason of ban)
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