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  1. Your Name: SnelfsItem Name + ID + Amount: Draconic Staff Of Power,Fully Upgraded Level Draconic,Id im not sure about it,Amount:1Coordinates: -10477 27917 72Description of Issue: Ok so i was fighting a Chaos dragon with a friend with Full maxed out armour Maxed out Bow-Draconic armour and Draconic Bow-And my friend was RiddlerPhoenix And also you can speak to him about it because he was the one who helped charge my armour just before fight and also for proof I am quite far in the game and i have draconic energy ball tier 8,Full draconic armour & Draconic bow So there is a bit of proof im on that level,Also i droped it of the edge in the end and that was mid fight whilst going against it,It was a axidentScreenshots (Optional):
  2. This Topic is for when you need some basic world edit done on your island.
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