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  1. I might be wrong, in which case ignore this, but as far as I know, TC slime islands are non-renewable resources, and so are the slime trees on them. Maybe consider selling TC slime saplings at spawn? (Blue/Purple/Magma).
  2. There are at least three misbehaviours I've noted in Thaumcraft. Firstly, in crafting the block-breaker golem seal, you are required to place a golden shovel on a pedestal. However, the golden shovel has a server function for chunk manipulation bound to it's right click, so it cannot be placed. This can be (inconsistently) circumvented via a mechanical user. Secondly, in crafting the subsequent lumberjack golem seal, I cannot active the crafting process by right clicking the crucible witht the block-breaker seal as a catalyst. It simply places the seal on top of the crucuble. The mechanical user does not circumvent this as far as I can tell. Dropping the seal into the crucible as an ingredient...does not work either. EDIT: You can craft it the lumberjack seal safely with the thaumatorium. Lastly, despite being chunkloaded fully, golems sometimes cease to function if you are not present. Regarding the latter, I read somewhere that the outermost ring of chunk-loaded-chunks isn't fully loaded as if a player was present, can someone confirm if this is the case?
  3. So since today, the /market and /um commands do not function for me. The only response is "Unknown Command". I can't even find them or any similar commands on the /help pages any more. Has something changed?
  4. Belated thanks. It even looks better than before.
  5. Your Name: Made_You_L00kItem Name + Amount: 2x 3x IC2 ChunkloadersCoordinates (format x, y, z): 2200x2200-ish, various locations. I really don't want to go to the effort to compile all the information for them when they vanish so often.Coordinates of Death Tablet placed in a chest: I continue to not know what this is,Description of Issue: Usual chunkloader dissapearences. I basically gave up after the first vanished, but eventually bought another one, which also vanished. And now a third vanished after originally posting this. I'm requesting a cash refund for both all three chunkloaders. EDIT: I had a bunch of extra text about issues with the server, but I don't think anyone's listening haha, so cut to keep it simple. Screenshots (Optional): Like with the coordinates, I really don't want to go to the effort of all this info gathering when this happens constantly, let me know if it's absolutely necessary.
  6. I already realize you can buy extra chunkloader slots with real money on the forum store, this doesn't replace that. So, like a lot of people, I've been having my chunkloaders vanish out of existence constantly, and either I have to post to the forums and wait up to 24 hours for a mod to replace them, which is irritating both me and the mods replacing them constantly I presume, or I have to spend my in-game money to replace them, at no fault of my own. I imagine this is known issue to the server staff at this point, and they are seeking a solution (although I can't find any feedback on the issue, which would be nice), but in the meantime, it's a pain in the ass. And I've been trying to think of a way to get loaders replaced faster, and thought of all sorts of stupid shit, like chat commands, or just free replacements with an honor system, etc. So the idea is: Loaders are free. You can buy as many as you want for $0 at the spawn. You can fill an entire chest with them if you want. However, when you first join the server, you can only have 1 placed in the world (or active) at a time, instead of the current 4. But, you can permanently increase your max active loaders up to 4 (where it's currently at) by purchasing upgrades at some high price with in-game money ($10,000+ per slot). If four isn't enough, you can increase your max to 10 via the forums store with real money, as it is now. And any time you want, if your active loader dissapears, you can go to spawn and get a replacement, totally free. Or maybe even just with a command to put one in your inventory. It doesn't solve the dissapearence issue, but it does minimise the interruption of gameplay, and reduce the need for staff to get involved with item replacement, and it even gives a reason for the economy and earning cash other than being to lazy find/mine/craft certain items yourself, haha. It might even convince some more people to vote for the extra cash.
  7. I'm on the revelation server. I don't know what other players see, but when I'm at spawn, all the items for sale are no longer physically displayed below the signs used to purchase them. And since there is nothing else to indicate what the items are, you would have to click the signs blindly and hope it's an item you want, haha. The only exception is the chunkloader. Its display item is still gone, but someone placed a sign above the purchase sign, with the name of the item on it. Can I recommend this be done for all items for sale at spawn? So it would look like: Sign: Item name Sign: Price/Amount/Purchase Button Item Display
  8. Your Name: Made_You_L00k Item Name + Amount: 1 x ic2 chunkloader, 1 x railcraft worldspike Coordinates (format x, y, z): It doesn't really matter, I move them around, and they'll just get deleted again anyway. Coordinates of Death Tablet placed in a chest: I still have no idea what this is. Description of Issue: Any given server restart may result in my chunkloaders dissapearing. Can we have some in-game way to get them replaced, maybe with chat commands, so I don't have to post to the forum after every restart and wait for a staff member to replace my chunkloaders before I can play again, which I have to do, since I need the chunkloaders to operate properly. !TL:DR!: Would like chunkloaders returned as items instead of money please, please fix recurring issue, or add faster way to get them replaced. Please. Screenshots (Optional): Pretty much the same as the last screenshot I posted, and probably the same as the next screenshot from when the chunkloaders get deleted again.
  9. Hello, sorry if it's not appropriate to reply here, but seeing as this guy hasn't replied in a week, and I'm having the same issue, it seems reasonable. I'm playing on the Revelations 3.2.0 server, and after after any given server restart, I'm likely to find empty blocks where my chunkloaders were, Ic2 or Railcraft. The first time I asked for a refund on the forums and got it, but what, am I supposed to post a refund request after every server restart, then stop playing until a staff member gets to my post and fixes it? Every restart? I can't really operate my properly without them, so I'm kind of at an impasse until this is fixed. Am I doing something wrong? Are they being removed automatically because I'm using them improperly? Am I meant to turn them off when I log out? I don't really understand. I'm just kind of at a loss, because I look the compaints/problems/support sections on Rev, and like 1/3 of posts are people asking for their chunkloaders back, some people multiple times, so it's been an ongoing issue for a bit, and I can't find any information. This isn't some kind of lame threat, but if this isn't fixed/fixable, I might have to try another server, which would be unforunate, as I've been here a month or so now and I"ve enjoyed my time here. Hoping this can be resolved.
  10. Your Name: Made_You_L00kItem Name + Amount: IC2 Chunkloader x 1Coordinates (format x, y, z): -2247, 77, -2294Coordinates of Death Tablet placed in a chest: I don't know what a death tablet is.Description of Issue: I seem to have had my chunkloader dissapeared by the 3.2.0 update.Screenshots (Optional):
  11. I've been having issues with tethering animals to fences with leads. It works at first, but then after a restart, I can sometimes no longer tether an animal to a particular fence post. I can tether the animal, OR the fence, but not both. If I break and replace the fence, no difference, but if I craft a NEW fence and place it in a NEW location, sometimes it works. But that original fence location simply cannot be tethered anymore. And sometimes if I try, I get a temporary duplication of leads, in which I am holding two loads tied to two different things, for no reason. Also, the server dissapeared my horse, Nox. He was right next to me, then when I looked up, he was gone. Nothing killed him, no sounds, no xp or saddle/armor items around, just gon. I imagine named mob data is probably saved on the server somewhere, so if he could be re-appearaed, that would be appreciated.
  12. I considered using a template, but this is neither a claim removal or a claim rollback, thought it is similar. At around -3000, -1800, "ironad" has claimed a massive area in some snow mountains. Via /seen, he last played almost 3 months ago, which would qualify for a claim removal according to people I've talked to on the server. However, I'm fine with him keeping all his stuff, and in fact would prefer his claim was not removed. But for some reason, around the border of his claim, in the sky at like Y:128-ish, he built a giant pointless cobblestone rectangle, which can be seen hundreds of blocks away. You can see it very clearly on the livemap: http://rev.craftersland.net:8120/ Could a staff member remove this rectangle? Again, all his claims, stuff and other structures are fine and can be kept, just this rectangle is stopping me from building a few hundred blocks away because it's an eyesore. Please note! He does seem to have a couple small half built platforms at the same height level on the far side of the mountains from me, and I'm fine with them staying, as I can't see them from where I plan to build. I felt like I should mention that, as a staff member simply removing everything at that height level would also remove those platforms.
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