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  1. Your Name: VacantRS Town Name:bestCoordinates: x: 4383.72965 (4383) y: 64.000 z: -3873.44762 (-3844)15:50/this day/3-11-2019 (15:00/this day at 15:50): Description of Issue: when i opened chest all stuff was gone and when i opened furnace to was gone pls reset stuff back btw i maded smeltery if you can save the smeltery in the same place i wuld me happe i want all stuff back in chest and in furnace so yea pls give back Screenshots (Optional):
  2. Your Name: Arkay19Island Owner Name: Arkay19 Coordiantes: x-6196.11324 y 143.490 z -18608.12075Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): this will be lithuanian time 17pm Description of Issue:i lost all disk drives on me disk drive and 3 lava tanks and 2 lava generators x64. It will be coll if you give back. ThxScreenshots (Optional):i cant create url picture sorry but i will create i link to it here it is the picture
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