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  1. Now I’m banned from all your servers or only the Sky Factory 4 one?
  2. 1] In-Game Username: Gui_Romaris [2] Details of Situation: I got banned after crafting high cappacity batteries for “duping”, as if crafting is the same as duping [3] Ban Category: Offence/Duping [4] Ban Duration: 3 days [5] Staff Member: I don’t know [6] Your reason: Crafting ain’t the same as duping!
  3. I didn't know exactly which topic to choose, but... I was trying to craft a High Cappacity battery in the Sky Factory 4 server, and suddenly got banned for 3 days for "duping". I would like you guys to unban me, or tell me how crafting high cappacity batteries is classified as dupe. In-game nick: Gui_Romaris Ps: Sorry for bad english, I'm from Brazil xD
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