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  1. My name in game is MrThead
  2. Hello everyone I would like to help to MiniTermi like Suarez to build in Act, im good building and I think that we can get a very good results together. All we know that there is entering more people and we need more builder i would like to enter to builder with MiniTermin , i think we will can fix the problem of Act, the builds and get a beautifule map with more secrets, decoration etc. Here there is a build that i have done in 30minutes: Also i have done a nether biome here there are some pictures: Thx everyone
  3. Thanks for your time EPICfighters. But I don't want to bother, it's just a problem, that I asked to be able to change the time with / day or / night, which is equal to / time set day or / time set night, but I don't have it, nor does the / skull not have been any server failure or why would this have happened
  4. Account Name: TheTheadNoteRank: SponsorRequested Commands^: /day and /night, /skull and /hat (pls)Reason for Request*:To acces to the time of the worlf of night and day and the /skulls to chance skulls to other (i kewn that i cant give that skulls to eny body and i kewn the rules and /hat to take skulls that have vanish enchantments If you can pls put the commands in vainilla network in pure survival and ac (assasing)
  5. Here there are some screenshots: (I cant do it bigger doload and do it sorry) (Sorry this server is in spanish but see what JaredGT say) JaredGT admits to having the dups that were used in Gondis
  6. I confirm that Gondis is not the culprit of those dups, he was the victim of them by a person, since it was used to kill him. I say it to Fermin but i think that dosent understand, the person who has use the dups and have that dups is JaredGT <------ (minecraft nick).
  7. Hi everyone In my opinion, I agree with HowYouLikeThatBP, I would say more, I would try to change some other modality to the previous versions which were famous. But this time make several versions compatible like Puresurvival-1.16 to 1.8 or Skywars 1.16 with the pvp of 1.8 is better if they have more versions to enter. Try to reopen the servers that were shut down. Which were very famous. And give the message that again this server has the modalities that the previous players liked to try to attract more people which will be easier with some youtuber, stremers... Thank for read and please give our opinion and share the post to the people of CraftersLand thanks you.
  8. Hello, I chat with Jord and he say me that is allowed in pure survival
  9. Account Name: TheTheadNoteRank: SponsorRequested Commands^: /encantReason for Request*:To enchant easyer (If it can be in survival it will be very good thanks)
  10. Account Name: TheTheadNoteRank: SponsorRequested Commands^: /day /weather clear /flyspeedReason for Request*:To do day and to remove the rain and to go faster (In pure survival or were pls) (Fly speed if can be in assasing better thanks)
  11. Account Name: TheTheadNoteRank: SponsorRequested Commands^: /day /weather clearReason for Request*:To do day and to remove the rain (In pure survival or were pls)
  12. Account Name:TheTheadNote Rank:Sponsor Requested Commands: World Edit Reason for Request: To do beter builds and faster
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