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  1. Your Name: SarkazyItem Name + Amount: Vote Kays Normal ~ 50 and Vote Kay Legendary ~ 2 (approximatel) Coordinates: x = 2280, y = 255, z = 98Description of Issue: server was down, after reboot I lost all drop from vote kays in my inventory and vote kays didn't respawn in my ME system and inventory
  2. Your Name: Sarkazy Town Name: SarkazyCoordinates: x= 2265, y=101 ,z=245Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 00:40AM UTC +1 07.12.2019 Description of Issue: sameone raids my chests inside claim and left me with junk. rest of staff i put in inventory bag...Screenshots (Optional): i dont have screenshot.
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