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  1. Your Name: AthomnIsland Owner Name: AthomnCoordiantes: x,y,z 1514.713, 59.00, 1885.311Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): january 2 2020, 05:16:12Description of Issue: My ME system is gone, it looks like someone dug into my claim and took them. The only people that are trusted on my claim haven’t been on in 5 days(drrock18) january 2 2020, 05:16:12 along with myself and the other in 20 days (magnificentjoe).Screenshots (Optional):https://prnt.sc/qkhko5 https://prnt.sc/qkhky1 https://prnt.sc/qkhlpi https://prnt.sc/qkhlci https://prnt.sc/qkhlhs
  2. Your Name: AthomnClaim Leaders Name: batmobCoordinates of claim: x,y,z 1422.262, 68.000, 1919.335Claim members: LPSZombie, Naixor, XylianZerefReason for request: Claim is in the way of a build I want to finishScreenshot of town members activity (optional, but recommended): Claim, batmob, batmob last seen, naixor, naixor last seen, xylianzeref, xylianzeref last seen
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