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  1. Your Name: FishStick_UnityCoordiantes: -2229, 64, -1228Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 04-5-2020, so 7 days ago.Description of Issue: people spawned a Amalgalich arena in my base so everythung is destroyed… hope u guys can remove that cuz i wasnt the only one struck.Screenshots (Optional):http://prntscr.com/seqs0w
  2. Thank you Ness, this was the first time i made a request like this as far as i know. is there anything i can improve upon or changes you want to see if anything like this needs to be done again? ill try to watch out so i dont have to put u guys to work tho Fish
  3. Your Name: FishStick_UnityCoordinates: x: -2229 z:-1227Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): MET, GMT +1 12;00 or about 1-2 hours before this postDescription of Issue: i learned real quick why spawning amalich wasnt a good idea. one shot. i got a little stuff back. as soon as i get my inv rolled back you can see me throw the items away if you want to come look. looking at you mike Screenshots (Optional):
  4. if anything else is needed dont be afarid to contact me, i was in Vxll's base in the pics so dont get confused.
  5. better to die by ryans hands than any other
  6. Hi you guys may know me as WetFishStick i have proof that Vxll had trust and looted my entire base Your Name: WetFishStickCoordiantes: x: -2229, z: -1228Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 24 hours ago (that should be good)Description of Issue: i had trusted the player: Vxll for a puzzle run, he had stolen all my stuff later on, my entire base was looted. i confronted him and eventually he admitted and rage quit. saying "idc if i get banned i wan gonna leave anyway. i have him in discord for further need.Screenshots (Optional):
  7. That mob clearance tho XD
  8. To whomever it may concern, my name is WetFishStick i started playing on the RLcraft server a long time ago when walking outside one day i notice a player had claimed an area around my base. It was in the way but since it was jus created i let it slide by thinking that he would be back some day its been a couple months now (id say), and the player had not returned on the server. sice the player is not using the claimed area ( claimed a greenhouse ) and its in the way of my future plans of expanding. I here by request that a person with power can unclaim this land. player name of the person that claimed this area is loganw05. Thanks for your undersanding WetFishStick
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