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  1. the last time you refunded my items their enchants are gone so i wrote their enchants
  2. IGN: Nightie16 (All of the items are in my /invsee) chestplate: protection 4,unbreaking 3,advanced thorns 2,mending helmet: protection 4,unbreaking 3,burning thorns 3,mending leggings: protection 4,unbreaking 3,light weight 2,evasion 3,mending boots: protection 4,unbreaking 3,feather falling 4,mending Dragonbone sword: advanced sharpness 1,lesser fire aspect 2,looting 3,mending,vampirsm 2,unbreaking 3 Dragonbone bow: power 5,unbreaking 3,multishot 2,supreme flame,infinity,mending Pickaxe: Efficiency 5,versality,unbreaking 3,fortune 3,mending Axe: Efficiency 4,unbreaking 3 Shovel Advanced efficiency 3,unbreaking 3
  3. The boots and helmet is legendary and the chesplate and leggings are arcane with ozzy's liner
  4. Your Name: Nightie16Item Name + ID + Amount: Bronze Tide Guardian Helmet (4605) Green Tide Guardian Chestplate (4616) Deep Blue Tide Guardian Leggings (4612) Purple Tide Guardian Boots (4623) Diamond Pickaxe (278) Flamed Dragonbone Rapier (5126) Iced Dragonbone strenged longbow (5156) Diamond axe (279) Diamond shovel (277) Hearthy Tool belt with 4 slots (5337) Hearthy dragon's eye (5346) Hearthy Stone of the sea(5344) Hearthy Ankh charm (4225) Hearthy Potion Ring of Regen (4205/1) Hearthy Potion Ring of Haste (4205/1) Hearthy Obsidian Shield (4213) Crafted equipment ( djinn cloud level 3,ent arm level 3,ventoraptor skull level 3,remobra wing level 3,vapula crystal level 3) (5693) Crafted Equipment (iron rod level 1,iron pike joint level 1,genoach spear level 1) (5693) Ender Staff (5464) Cooked Turkey Leg (4148) Antique Atlas#137 (4204/0)Coordinates: -991 69 5209Description of Issue: Got killed and the random non-saying item clear rekted all of my stuffScreenshots (Optional): don't have rn but i'll take it when i got my stuffs back
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